Chester Zoo

The other day I managed to persuade James to go to the zoo with me, the closest one to us was Chester Zoo, so we packed our bags and headed on over 

As we pulled up there was hundreds of children, and it instantly dawned upon us it was school holidays However, this wasn't going to stop me, I was a girl on a mission to see some animals 

The first thing that caught our eyes were the ginormous elephants walking around their African inspired closure, they were squirting each other with water, making unbelievably loud noises and just showing off to the public, hoping someone may accidentally drop some treats

Asian Elephants

The entire Zoo was based around a circle however, that sounds far to simple, once you were in that was it, you were stuck to relying on the maps and being lost forever more 

We thought we were heading to the Lions however, we some what ended up facing a field of Zebra's

Grevy's Zebra

After spending far to long gazing at the Zebra's and there fantastic stripes I got dragged away before I could take one more photo 

The next few animals on our list were Monkeys of all species, they were hanging from the ceilings, monkey bar climbing their way across the enclosures, and even pulling cheeky faces for the camera's 

Bornean Orangutan's
Sumatran Orangutan's

Howler Monkey's
I even managed to get a photo with one....

We then went on to see Penguins that closely resembled those from one of my all time favourite films 'Madagascar'

Humboldt Penguins

Sumatran Tigers
North African Cheetah's 

Whilst I was busy taking photo's James caught up on some much needed reading 

Greater One Horned Rhino's
Black Rhino's

And my favourite the Meerkats, If there were one animal I could take home with me, this would definitely be it 

After pushing my way to the front to get the perfect shot, and staring at them for close to 20 minutes, James finally pulled me away so that other children could have a look 

We continued to make our way around the zoo spotting numerous animal's

Galapagos giant Tortoise
James's all time favourite 
Komodo Dragon
Congo Buffalo's

Scimitar Horned Oryx
Roan Antelope's

African Painted Dogs
And you can even venture in the Butterfly journey

We even had time to make a pit stop to the gift shop to grab Melman the giraffe and Mufasa the lion

The Zoo was awesome, however my only one recommendation is don't go in the holidays as it is child central, and also do not make the rookie error I made by not charging my battery before I arrived

Hence why the pictures are at a minimum, it throughly upset me, but was a brilliant day anyway

The entry fee is £20 per adult, and I shall attach a link below

I will most definitely be retuning again