All New Goodies, Part 1

After a busy few weeks exploring the sales I thought it was the right time to do a shopping haul post, so here goes

This weekend I ventured to London, as soon as London is mentioned it means two things, shopping and an obscene amount of food 

If that's not going to make anyone hop from one foot to another in excitement I don't know what is

However I have been a little naughty the last week, I splashed out, I probably shouldn't have, but I have this real problem with saying no!

Now where should I start; The first thing I got was the Little elephant charm bracelet off my sister from Thailand, which I have previously mentioned in another blog 

Just how cute is this, one of my favourite colours is turquoise and I love elephants so it was totally perfect  

The Next thing I chose to get was another Pandora Ring, I have a serious addiction to Pandora, so I sensibly bought another ring to add to my collection 

Down from £35 to £19!190884EN21

I chose the purple ring as the predominate colour worn by myself is Purple 

I also shop a lot in Thomas Sabo, hence why my next purchase of a new pair of earrings was from themselves

Down from £45 to £15

One of my all time favourite brands is Tory Burch, every time I venture to London I spend a few hours going up and down stairs and trying on far to many pairs of shoes 

After purchasing a pair of their espadrilles previously in the sale, which for future reference they are down to £50!!! from £140 Bargain I had had my eye on a handbag of theirs for a long time

I am really fussy when it comes to handbags, they have to be the right size, shape and have enough compartments and this bag just ticked all the boxes 

Down from £500 to £250
As soon as I walked into the shop I knew that was the one, so I speedily grabbed it off the shelf and clutch to it as if it was my own child, it has just entered their summer sale so rather than being £500 its now down to a whopping £250!! 

A few other things caught my eye, due to my all time favourite sandals breaking in Australia which was a very upsetting day I have had my eye out for a new replacement, which is why I grabbed the last size 5 blue pair available

Down from £220 to £110

The last thing I subtly grabbed without my mother knowing was a tiny little coin purse in a shimmering gold colour, its is the text book definition of cute! 

Down from £60 to £30

Bargain Bargain Bargain 

The next goodie was from my parents is a yellow and green stripped Tommy Hilfiger bag, I am always the person who has the awkwardly over sized back that stands out in the crowd, where as now I can ninger my way through the crowds unoticed 

Down from £75 to £35,en_GB,pd.html?cgid=114200#!color%3D740%26i%3D0%26start%3D40%26sz%3D40%26size%3DOS

Im not really a sale sort of person, the rush of the crowds and the throwing of the clothes is far to stressful for my liking, however I did find myself battling the crowds in Office 

I needed a new pair of trainers for work, and my Russel and Bromley ones were deemed not appropriate by my mother which is understandable, so I headed straight for the sale rack

Down from £66 to £40,21/1598203154

And Wola the ones I wanted were sat there in my size just waiting for me to buy them, the Adidas Gazelle's, it was just meant to be 

Now this is one of my favourite purchases of the day!! seeing I am a camera nerd, I love taking photos of everything and I had only had 2 smaller lenses for my camera, I bought an adapter so I can now venture into the world of big lenses, as well as a new battery 

Retail Price £109

Retail Price £25
Its as if my little boy has all grown up! 

I can now do extreme close ups, as well as zoom from metres away! how very exciting 

I did eventually get to sleep last night after spending far to long taking pictures of anything and everything 

Now back to the fashion items, I checked out the Banana Republic sale and was pleasantly surprised, however I only opted to grab a shiny new necklace which caught my eye as I walked in 

Down from £35.99 to £12.99

I have been in need of a new necklace to put with outfits for forever so this is a perfect new addition to my collection 

But I shall stop there, until my next post but I do have a few other goodies hidden away but I will show you those another time