Paramount Bar

Now firstly I would like to apologise about my lack of posting over the past few weeks, work has been crazy, and by the time I return home for the evening it is way past my bed time 

However I do have a few fun posts lined up for you over the next few days 

When I'm down in London one of my favourite places to visit is Paramount Bar 

It is situated at Centre Point on new Oxford Street

This place is a MUST! 

Daisy and I threw on our dancing shoes and headed on out for the evening, its only a few stops on the tube from Fulham so it was easy as can be 

I chose to wear a Topshop dress with Gucci Heels 

Whilst Daisy wore a dress from somewhere I cant remember, and Office shoes 

We quickly walked to the reception, where we were instantly greeted by a gentlemen that showed us the way up 

This place kind of reminds me of a Alice in Wonderland, the outside of the building looks like your everyday office block, even the walk way up to reception doesn't scream class 

But wait till you have travelled up nearly 30 floors, the lift doors open and you are faced with music, men greeting you as you leave the lifts, and a buzz of excitement 

But thats not the best part, wait till you see the view, it offers a 360 degree view of London, Yes that means you can see the houses of parliament, the London eye, St Pauls Cathedral and numerous other iconic building all at once 

After weaving our way through the people all chatting and laughing with a continuous supply of cocktails ready 

We made our way up yet another flight of stairs, and were met with a slightly quieter viewing platform, where there was a few tables scattered out allowing you to soak up the view 

We grabbed ourselves a table that over looked the Bt tower and for miles and miles, and started the rounds of drinks 

As the sun set and the drinks continued, everything slowly got louder and louder, and we were even bombarded by a few drunken individuals who were persistent on photo bombing us 

There was even some trusty little quotes within the menu

Whilst the drinks were slowly coming to an end, I was insistent on getting a close up photo 

However it didn't end to well 

After far to many photos, and a few to many glasses of wine and Champagne, we eventually called it a day, I was rather adamant not to leave my spot for the evening, however I now know the perfect seat for my next visit 

I would honestly recommend this place to everyone, the drinks are relatively priced but its worth the money for the atmosphere and most certainly the views