The Ritz

The Ritz is one of those places that has been on my list for a while to visit 

I am continuously walking bast the ginormous building, that looms over you whilst you innocently make your way through Mayfair 

With its traditionally dressed door men, bright eye catching signs and its ever so impressive structure it can make any individual intrigued as to what is behind those big tall doors 

As we made our way over to the main entrance we tackled the red velvet stairs before being drawn into another world

I honestly felt like Alice in Wonderland, delving into a world of unknown 

Beyond the large heavy doors the hotel went on for metres and metres, you were greeted by smiling receptionists who gestured to you to head through the next set of doors 

It was like one of those films when both doormen stand either side and allow you to enter the room making you feel like a princess 

The second sets of doors allowed you to enter a hall full of motion, there were people every where on a mission some attending supper, some sat with drinks and all you could hear was the wail of laughing 

We were steered into The Rivoli Bar 

The first thing that caught my eye was the incredible bar, it had every type of spirit you could think of all lined up perfectly on the back wall, whilst the marble top and the beautifully designed seats sat there looking very inviting 

We were led to a table right in the centre of the room by this immaculately dressed gentlemen, men should wear this attire far more often in my opinion 

The menu's had so many options however I chose to be boring and simple and get a Gin and Tonic however, this was hands down one of the best gin and tonics I have ever had 

My sister and mother went for a Bellini, which so elegantly arrived looking tasty!

Whilst my dad opted for a glass of red wine 

As we sipped we soaked up the atmosphere whilst reassessing our productive last few days 

The people watching was of a high level that evening, with numerous people popping in and out to grab a drink before heading out for supper 

However, the one thing that stuck in my mind the entire night was when my mother unfortunately nearly got decapitated, as the champagne bottle sat in a ice bucket over the other side of the room, decided it was going to let lose and the cork came hurtling over in mums direction narrowly missing her head

Not a bad aim I must say 

The entire room went into laughter as the poor waiters hurried around apologising and trying to  bring everything back under control 

As we finished up our drinks, and the rain began to come down we had to make a move, we weaved our way back through all the people, out through the vast door and back to reality 

The only way I can describe that experience was slightly like The Great Gatsby, with all the towering rooms, elegantly dressed women and the large amount of people all laughing with enjoyment 

You have not failed to impress, returning to the Ritz is definitely on my list to do imminently