Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

Last weekend my parents and I ventured to London however, there was one thing my dad insisted that we do...

Visit Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea, I have never been but he has raved on about this place for a considerable amount of time 

Hence why we found ourselves early Saturday morning wandering through Chelsea 

Tom Aikens opened Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea in November 2006, and he also has numerous other ones situated all over London 

As my sister, Euan and I entered the breakfast spot we could see my mothers eyes glaring across the room, okay she did have a reason we were meant to be meeting at 10am however due to traffic and our lack of timings we rocked up at 10.50 

To say we weren't in her good books is an understatement 

As soon as she saw our pretty little faces she couldn't stay angry for longer 

We grabbed our seat and began to have a nosy of what was on the menu 

Everyone grabbed a cuppa however, for me I chose to get a cucumber, mint and apple juice, whilst the drinks arrived it gave us time to make the important decision of what to have for Brunch 

Of course my eyes were instantly drawn to the most unhealthiest option on the menu, the Pancakes 

How could I possibly resist the Blueberry pancakes 

The food shortly arrived after, daddy opted for the eggs royal with Salmon 

Mum chose to have a boring old croissant 

Lauren and Euan chose to have the bagel with scrambled eggs and salmon 

However over my side of the table the 'Cake' which is the only way to describe it was arriving 

Check out this bad boy out..

It was the same size as your average Joe cake 

It was definitely the best pancakes I have ever consumed, between the gooey Blueberries and the inch thick cake it created a mound of heaven 

There was no holding me back we consumed every last bit 

The entire restaurant has a relaxed yet cool feeling about it, its split over two floors and the walls are covered in large photos featuring farmers 

Eventually we called it a day, and we made our way down the Chelsea streets in search for cute little quirky shops - My favourite 

I would recommend Tom's Kitchen to everyone, its all well priced but the food is another level of fantastic 

My only recommendation is you book ahead as its a highly demanded Brunch spot, especially on weekends