A Goodbye Brunch

The time has come again when one of my bestest friends Kate is heading back off to America to continue her studies 

However I am a keen believer in making the most out of bad situations... 

So I have promised Kate I will go over and visit her next year for Spring break, I mean hey I could have worst places to visit 

So before we let her galavant off to another part of the world we managed to catch her for a morning of brunch and a final farewell 

I said I would put together a some little goodies for a few of the girls

By the time I had woken up at 9am and popped to the shop, before I knew it they were arriving 

I decided outside was the best bet seeing the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting, so I threw what I had together and we all dug in 

Before I could even get a photo of my master piece half of it was gone and never to be seen again 

To me there is nothing better than a morning of gossip, catch ups, laughter and fun 

So that is exactly what we did... 

Now if I had to describe Kate or Norm as we all call her in three words it most definitely would be.... 


There is not one moment in the day when she is sat there quietly having an intellectual conversation, I mean hell if she could have her way we would all be obsessed about Everton and running around in Angry Birds pyjamas 

Sorry Norm everyone now knows your secret 

I would love to say that the Brunch I had planned involved sophistication, glasses of wine and chatting about our work life and family 

But lets be honest that was never going to happen.....

Even at the age of 20 piggy backs around the garden and tripping each other is deemed highly acceptable 

But lets be honest without these 4 in my life it would be pretty boring 

As my mother always says don't wish your life away 

Hence why we all still happily run around like nutters and pretend were 10 again 

You only live once remember.... 

Anyway, Have an awesome time in America Norm we will all miss you a crazy amount, and can't wait to see you next year 

Lots of love