Blue Planet Aquarium

For my two years away at boarding school everyone raved on about Blue Planet Aquarium so I woke up Friday morning hopped on the phone to Alex and arranged an afternoon out 

Now as you all most probably know I am a real sucker for animal attractions, so my previous experiences with aquariums have been vast so this one had big boots to fill 

We arrived at mid day and jumped in the queue to buy our tickets which were a staggering £14 each, oh the days when mummy and daddy would pay for my trips out 

Once in we followed the signs throughout the maze like layout, coming across hundreds of different species of fish and other more creepy crawly individuals 

The attraction had said to spend at least 2 hours looking around the aquarium so Alex and I were in no rush to get from start to finish 

We checked out all the species of fish, and even got a sneak peak of Nemo 

After weaving our way through the corridors we eventually stumbled across this massive glass wall show casing sharks and Sting rays 

However, the best bit was to come a conveyor belt slowly moved you through a tunnel were the Sharks swam above you 

On the other side of the tunnel we were met by the gift shop that had hundreds of teddies which I personally feel was over priced at £20

As you went through the shop you were then lead into the Otter attraction, where 5 little otters ran around playing with a ball 

However, the best part was yet to come they had a hurricane stimulator you could stand in and it would blow winds of up to obscene miles per hour 

As the closet like structure was glass, everyone sat in the cafe was treated to Alex and I having a whale of a time with our hair blowing every where 

Its safe to say this was the highlight of our day, all and all I was Rather disappointed by the aquarium it lacked excitement and we managed to get around the entire attraction in 20 minutes 

However if you want a fun day with children then I would highly recommend it 

For what was on offer I felt it was extremely expensive