Buddha Bar

This place is the best kept secret in Dubai, The other morning I spent the day scouring through 'TimeOut magazine' this is a magazine like no other, it features restaurants, galleries, malls, and all activities that you can possibly think of in Dubai 

As I was flicking through the magazine looking for a delicacy for that evening something caught my eye, it was sat there with two stars glistening below it, screaming at me to choose it and to not flick another page, I tried my hardest to just turn the page and ignore it but I just couldn't resist

There it was, under the Japanese section 'Buddha Bar', the description had a quick blurb on the place which read 'The overly hyphenated pan-asiatic cuisine is scrumptious' as soon as I read the word scrumptious It had me latched

After getting my sister on board we managed to rather easily persuade my parents to take a visit that evening, we threw on our party frocks with our best heels, rather hastily tweaked our makeup and hair and off we set 

Once past the large metal doors, we were directed through a maze like lobby, that had lots of alcoves with luxurious lounging areas, as well as Asian figurines peaking out from dark mysterious corners 

Then what you were faced with was unbelievable a buddha the size of a lorry sat there over looking you as you ate 

The entire ambiance of the restaurants was incredible, the music was club/house with a twist of asian, above you was 12 amazing chandeliers that reflected off the wall of glass that over looked the harbour. We grabbed our tables in the crowd of other tables, which the Buddha so wisely over looked 

The menu's were never ending with the most unbelievably delicious dishes on offer, after much thought, arguments and deliberation we finally came to a decision 

To start with we chose a Chinese Duck salad, that came with Asian greens, slices of duck, pomegranate, toasted almonds, Hoisin Lime dressing, and Lemongrass dressing 

Delicious mixed satay, which comprised of Tiger Prawns, Corn-Fed Chicken, Prime beef, With Cashew nut sauce and Cucumber Salad

Before they had even hit the table we had dug in, I most definitely was unpopular due to the need to stop everybody's paws so I could get a photo 

Once eaten the waiters kindly asked us whether we wanted our mains immediately or whether we wanted to leave it for a while, of course we replied with immediately 

The next course was single handily the best platter of goodies we have ever destroyed 

We chose the Royal Sushi platter which consisted of nearly everything you can think of  

Whilst mum chose the Chicken Kung Pao In crispy Noodle basket 

With a side of Chicken Noodles 

From around the tables no words were spoken for the entire course, apart from numerous ooh's and ash's being said mid mouthful 

The plates were emptied quickly and the pudding menu's appeared, before my family had a chance to look at the pudding's I demanded we had a photo, due to the lack of family photos in the past 

Then the puddings arrived 

We chose to go for the chocolate fondant with Vanilla Ice-cream and Rasberry Sauce 

As well as a Champagne slow cooked berries with White mouse Cannelloni 

After eating the very last mouthful we all sat back thoroughly chuffed with our evenings food antics 

After a few more drinks we then snuck out to the evenings heat 

Once through the large iron doors we Stopped for a quick family photo then caught our car home, within minutes I was in bed all snuggled up with the ultimate food baby in hand 

Overall the restaurants was unbelievable, the service was outstanding with such polite staff, the food was well I can't put a word to it, but spectacular and the atmosphere was excellent 

The only thing that may hesitate me recommending it onwards is the price, however if your wanting somewhere that is more up market experience this is the place for you