Dubai Creek

We hopped on our flight from Heathrow at 9am, yes that does mean we were at the airport at 7am, I felt a little part of me die when I was told the absurd time, we nipped through customs, dropped off our overly heavy bags and headed for the lounge

My biggest hate about airports is the lack of edible food, and once on the aeroplane it doesn't get much better,  which is why we found ourselves stocking up on a considerable amount of food 

I couldn't say no to numerous croissants and of course some heavenly waffles

After a 6 and a half hour flight, numerous meals and plenty of excellent films especially 'The Other Women' you have to watch that film, not only is it unbelievably funny the outfits Cameron Diaz wears is just not fair

As soon as we stepped off the plane the other side, you entered a world of elegance and beauty, even the airport resembles a dazzling bundle of gorgeousness

We grabbed our bags and headed off in a car to our hotel, the first hotel we decided to venture to was the Sheraton at Dubai Creek, it was a short distance from the airport and was in a pretty great location, the hotel is just newly been refurbished so I would most definitely recommend a visit

We were quickly checked in, whisked to our rooms which were fantastic then taken down to the club lounge where we dug into far to many goodies

The evening went pretty quickly, after unpacking and going for a wonder it was beginning to get late, so we grabbed a bite to eat in the italian restaurant then headed up to bed

In the morning I woke up to a bright sunny and very hot day, I dilly dallied around the room for a while before heading down stairs to grab some breakfast

Seeing the temperature was in the 40's I threw on my shorts and a loose and baggy shirt with espadrilles

Then headed on out

We slowly made our way down the creek, dipping and diving out of the sun, occasionally walking past yachts big enough to house a school, and thats really no over exaggeration

Hands down the worlds largest yachts I have ever seen, they created an ambience of pure elegance, stood there looming over you, if they were to be people they would be the epitomie of a 1920's lord

Anyway Im sure there will be plenty more yacht spotting this holiday, however for now  I've got to go, supper is calling, i'll check back in tomorrow with more exciting plans