Looking over you

Having spent the morning enjoying the level 4 pool that looks for miles around, I began to get itchy feet and had to go for a snoop 

Yes I am one of those people that within ten minutes wants to get up, move around and go exploring 

Hence why I found myself checking out plenty of little gems hidden away in alcoves throughout the hotel, The Grosvenor has an extensive range of statement items from the chandelier horse, which I promise ill get a photo of soon 

To the diamond encrusted eagle..

As well as the numerous incredible flower arrangements.. 

Are they not incredible...

But my all time favourite is the ginormous red gorilla, who needs an excuse to put a gorilla outside? the Grosvenor house most certainly doesn't 

It's image is mirrored off the hotel walls, so where ever you are beware there is a red monster watching you 

It stands at the entrance of the hotel looming over you, as if its surveying whether your eligible to enter its premises 

Anyway after I got dragged away from taking hundreds of photos, Dad Lauren and I delved into the the maze like hotel's corridors in search of some exquisite cocktails, and Wola there it was a balcony like no other, looking over the sky scrapers of Dubai 

Whilst Lauren caught up on work and dad sat enjoying the mid day heat, I snuck off and managed to get a few little snaps of my chosen attire for the day

For a day pact with sunning adventures I chose to wear my favourite Armani dress, paired with my topshop blazer, banana republic necklace and my Tory Burch sandals 

Seeing the temperature had hit nearly 50 degrees that afternoon, the opportunities to wear a blazer were scarce 

I felt it was time to hop on the band wagon and join my family for some afternoon drinks, before sitting down and doing some much needed research on my September escapades 

What have you been doing these last few days?