Sorry I haven't posted in forever work has been mental and this has been my first day off in a long time 

Well I have had another day off but what I had to endeavour wouldn't classify as a relaxing day at home that was for sure 

I stupidly got talked into venturing up Snowdon with James, Ryan and a group of 25 

Now I know what your thinking that doesn't sound to bad, enjoyable in fact but oh no! James, Ryan and I finished work at around midnight then had to venture up north to James's house, this took us 2 and a half hours by the time our heads hit the pillow it was 3.15 

But thats not the worst part, our alarms were squealing at 6am so that we could get up and tackle yet another 2 hour drive to Snowdon 

Its safe to say I have never felt more so like a zombie in my life, not one word came out of my mouth for the entire car journey, and saying I was unprepared for what I was about to face was an understatement 

Now for any of you that don't know, Snowdon is the largest mountain in England and Wales at an elevation of 3,560 feet 

In english terms that is Bloody high, if you squint as hard as you can you are able to see a little building right at the peak of the mountain in the photo above

Thats where I walked to 

We set off at 9am with a gruelling 7.5 miles to tackle, the weather was crappy with wind coming howling in from the right and the rain not willing to hold off in any way shape or form 

As we started walking I thought this was going to be a terrible idea, it was cold and rainy my two most hated things and it was climbing, yet another severe dislike of mine 

The pace was slow going due to the amount of people, but with James, Ryan and I pulling up the rear we swiftly got everyone moving 

We continued for around 2 hours, until we hit the third of the way marker, at this point some of the group headed back sensibly to the bottom whilst a few more of us continued the hike 

Or the lucky individuals were carried 

As we made our way up the views got more and more incredible, you could see hills and mountains rolling for miles 

For someone that is not a walker this even steered me to thinking that it was a great idea 

We eventually hit the half way marker, and oh my the views were incredible, but the most impressive part was the sheer drops to the left of us where you could see brave individuals tackling the climb 

We continued to climb a difficult trail with the cliff faces either side of us and the wind howling a gail the entire experience was becoming some what of a challenge 

However the hardest part was to come, as we hit the marker for 30 minutes to go the trail got narrower and narrower and a lot more challenging 

The trail teetered on top of the mountain, with a rather unpleasant view in the distance 

The clouds became more dense and the wind picked up 

As we emerged from the clouds we could see in the distance the Snowdon cafe 

It portrayed the idea of a pot of gold, that was our finish mark and we could then devour as much food as we could possibly manage 

To top things off the last 10 metres were up steep jagged steps 

Once completed you were there! at the top of the world, however our view was some what shocking 

We hung around for a while and grabbed some food before heading back down another trail home 

As we headed down the clouds cleared and we were left with the most incredible view of the lakes below us and the sun shining 

We weever our way down the rubbled track, making continues pit stops for food and photo opportunities 

As we could see the finish line in the distance we allowed the large group to continue whilst I was left with the two kids that were insistent on having a paddle 

After eventually persuading them to get out, we tackled a few more hurdles, climbed over fences and walked through mounds of slate 

As we did the last 20 metre stretch to the car park we were able to turn around and feel pure accomplishment and satisfaction that we had just tackled this monster of a mountain 

Its safe to say the next few days I was definitely feeling fragile 

Now for all you non walkers out there, there is a quick and easy way to pop on up....

Theres a train that leaves constantly, it takes you right up to the top so you can take a quick sneak peak of the views then you are able to get the train back down 

I would definitely recommend this challenge to anyone, even I a non walker managed to tackle it 

However its not easy, there were aspects that challenged us so I would not recommend doing the trail we did to a person who struggles with un even ground or is relatively unfit 

Any how sorry about the long post, there are plenty more to come I promise