The Hardwick - Coast Reunion

The other day my family and I got an invite from Steven Terry and his Wife Joanne to attend their annual private dinner they hold 

Seeing we attended last years and had a wail of a time we knew this was going to be a night of endless amounts of wine, laughter, and courses 

The event was called the Coast reunion, your probably all wondering what that resembles? so here is a quick snippet to fill you guys in on the reasons behind the dinner

In the 1990's there was a must do on the London scene which was get a table at Oliver Peyton's coast restaurant in Mayfair, many stars graced both front and back of house including some of the well known chef's attending this evening's reunion  

The event had numerous guests attending from Bonnie Tyler to Mark Sargeant and Ben Tish and thats only a sneak peak, each chef was to be introduced by Oliver Peyton who is a current judge on Great British Menu and Steven Terry throughout the evening, whilst they had a quick chat about their dishes and their relationship to Steven in the past and present 

I decided to throw on one of my all time favourite Karen Millen purchases from a while back, Paired with my comfiest Gucci Heels, I added a few little glitzy essentials such as my Links bracelet, earrings and of course my everyday rings 

We arrived and were instantly greeted with glasses of champagne, what better? in my opinion 

I had made Daria aware that I was a photo fanatic and her response was if you have to get up on the table to get the shot you want, then you go for it 

Well what can I say, I was going to take those wise words on board.... 

The Hardwick is situated between Monmouth and Abergavenny and is owned by Joanne and Steven Terry 

Photo taken by James Pullen 

However this evening we had paintings of famous individuals placed all over the restaurant that were hand painted by an artist who was attending 

But the best part was some of the individuals in the paintings were attending this evenings banquet 

After we were shown our table we got comfy and I got camera ready 

The evenings itinerary consisted of a short speech with Steven and the guest chef before the course was bought out and we were allowed to dig in 

The Amuse Bouche was made by Mark Sargeant 

He had chosen to make Scottish Diver Caught Scallops, Cauliflower three way and Sherry vinegar Caramel 

I mean lets be honest it just wouldn't taste the same with an Irish or Welsh diver having caught the scallops would it? 

Now I will happily admit that they were the best scallops I have ever tasted, once paired with the Cauliflower this dish instantly hit the top of the list 

The next few guest chef's had a lot of work to do to beat this entry 

The Starter course was made by Ben Tish 

He chose to make Pan fried tomato risotto, Avocado, Buffalo mozzarella, Black olives, Rocket and Creme fraiche 

Before we dug in we were told about Steven and Ben's adventures in previous restaurants together and the way they have split their separate ways within the food industry yet still stay close and reunite annually 

Throughout each meal all the chef's would come and join you and dig into the others delicacy 

The risotto course was unbelievable it shot straight to the top above the previous course, just because I am a real sucker for tomato Risotto and Mozzarella 

With each course we were given a selected wine to accompany it, so by now the table was beginning to fill and peoples voices were getting louder and louder 

The third course to follow was made by Hywel Jones 

He chose to make Roast Cod with Pea & Polenta 'Pont Neuf' and Sauce Bois Boudrin 

Now I'm not a real fish lover especially cod, so this course didn't float my boat as one would say however, over the other side of the table my parents could not get enough of it, between the mouth fulls there was continuous compliments and oohs and ah's 

I was starting to get a little full by now but that wasn't going to stop me the best was to come 

The Main course was by yours truly Steven Terry, so I knew this was going to be an incredible treat 

He chose to make Bread Crumbed Lamb Chops and Braised Shoulder with a Ravioli of Ratatouille 

Sound tasty or what??

Now there is something splendid about rich Lamb Chops paired with a tangy mint sauce it just instantly takes me back to childhood and some what christmas time 

The ravioli was to die for once paired with the lamb chops and braised Shoulder it created a mouth watering bundle of deliciousness 

However the best was always left till last, I don't know about you but I am a real sucker for puddings 

This goodie was made by Jason Atherton 

It consisted of Thai Ice cream with Coconut and Tropical Fruits 

I can't easily describe to you how incredible this was...

The best way to go about it was in the starburst adverts where they pop one in their mouths then their is a burst of flavour.... 

It was like that but ten times better, it mixed the sharp and tangy ice cream together with the smooth and fluffy cream yet the crisp cardboard like components created a sharp burst of thai green 

I can't actually describe to you the flavours it created it was unbelievable 

We finished off our courses, then all slowly moved back to the bar to grab some drinks, however for me it was time to get those perfect photo opportunities 

Photo Taken By James Pullen 

Photo Taken By James Pullen 
Photo Taken By James Pullen 
It was yet another very successful event, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and the food was yet again unbelievable 

I have attached a link of the restaurant as in my opinion it is a must do

However until next time