The Impracticalities Of Wearing White

I know your probably wondering what I am doing in the middle of nowhere? I'm asking myself the very same thing 

I decided to embark on a journey through some fields to get the perfect shot for my blog 

However, This is where the impracticalities began...

I spent most my morning walking back and to, to try and find the best way to get home without covering myself head to toe in dirt 

After deciding there wasn't a safe way home, I decided to grab the photo I needed then begin my journey 

It did involve numerous attempts at clambering over styles and leaping over puddles 

However, some would say I wasn't dressed practically for where I was


It was a hot and sunny day, seeing I'm from England of course I'm going to make the most of grabbing my summer clothes and throwing them on when I can 

It doesn't happen often, hence why I found myself putting on a chiffon blouse from Karen Millen, and pairing it with skinny white jeans from Hollister and my newest addition to the family my Ralph Lauren Pumps

It is honestly the most comfortable outfit for an afternoon of exploring, yet again the practicality is questionable 

Any way until next time, I just have to remember the way out of here now...