The Ultimate Sweet Shop

I personally believe this shop deserved its very own post, hey If I had the money I would fly individuals out to just experience the place first hand 

It situated in the Grosvenor House hotel just past the lobby, it most definitely is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 

After numerous days swerving past it with serious will power kicking in, I just had to nip in and check out what this place had to offer, As soon as I stepped through the arched doorway I was hit by an incredible sweet smell 

Then that was it, I was a gonna for at least another ten minutes 

The shop featured rows and rows of boxes that all consisted of numerous draws full of chocolates 

The boxes range from £100 to the diamond encrusted gift boxes that at a mere £500 

I mean lets be honest if a date showed up with a box of these chocolates then he definitely a keeper