What's In My Handbag?

I have been asked quite a bit to do a blog post on whats in my handbag 

So here goes...

I always have a large tote bag on me for my ridiculous amount of stuff I carry around with me day to day 

My current chosen handbag is my new Tory Burch tote, the best part about it is it has three compartments so you know what that means more goodies to store 

My bag is home to a lot of stuff as you can see, and that is after a spring clean... 

My first much needed essential is my purse 

This little bad boy allows me to delve into the world of being poor due to the lack of control I have when it comes to shopping 

I then have my music essentials 

Beats headphones are the way forward these days, I look utterly ridiculous with the large ones hence why I chose to go for a more delicate option 

Not only do these beauties appeal to me but they also are very appealing to Tufty 

Yet another day of him being helpful 

I always have a magazine in my bag for those long train journeys or those moments when your rushing around the shops to look for a new outfit, I always swear by flicking back to pages where outfits have caught my eye 

I always have at least one pair of sunglasses in my bag, in this case it was my Ray-Ban Clubmaster 

I am a real sucker for Ray-Ban's, there my weakness 

No matter what bag I take out for the day I will always have at least three lipsticks 

If I were to be a hoarder when I'm older, it would most definitely be for cosmetics 

As well as lipsticks I usually have numerous body lotions, and a few perfume options 

As well as some much needed makeup 

To get from A to B I need a car, hence why the next item is a must 

My car keys 

As well as my camera and the spare lenses 

My bag also occupies a tangle teaser hairbrush as my hair usually resembles a birds nest 

As well as my Tory Burch coin purse 

Now I will openly admit I am utterly useless at remembering things, so to make sure I don't forget everything, I always carry a note book and a pen 

Finally I am coming to an end 

Of course I have to have my now very beaten up phone on me at all times 

As well as my Macbook Air 

This goodie slots perfectly into one of the side compartments of my handbag 

However In this case I am not the only one that loves to use it 

So there you go, a quick go over of my secrets within my handbag 

I go on holiday in 3 days, so prepare yourself for my travel necessities, you think I have a lot in my handbag just you wait...

Until next time