Cosmopolitan Fash Fest

Yesterday Evening I got invited to the Cosmopolitan Fash Fest event with London College of Style 

After a morning of catwalk watching, I ran home had a quick change of clothing, re did my hair and makeup and was out the door in record speed 

For this exciting opportunity I decided to wear Mango Jeans, Zara top, Selfridges big floppy hat, and my comfiest heels from Pull and Bear 

I arrived at the event just after 6 in time for a champagne reception, well in my case a wine reception 

After numerous refills from some excellent waiters we finished off the last drop and were ushered into the hall to await 5 seated guests 

To say I was excited was an understatement 

The evenings antics was being hosted by Louise Court and the beautifully presented and most fabulous panel consisted of Pixie Lott, yes we all know Pixie Lott there is no need to explain her importance 

Victoria Adcock - A celebrity Stylist 

Lisa Valencia - A celebrity Makeup Artist 

Ben Cooke - A celebrity Hair stylist 

Stephanie Bamsey - who has involvement in Marketing for Dorothy Perkins

And last but certainly not least Eilidh Macaskill - Who has involvement in PR for Accessorise/Monsoon 

The evening consisted of Louise asking each individual on the panel personal experiences within the fashion world  

The talk went on for around an hour and half, and it gave me a considerably wider knowledge and understanding of the Fashion industry 

I mean who doesn't want to know about Ben's experiences doing David Beckham's hair? Yes please 

Or Victorias experience styling the likes of Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham 

But you can't also forget Pixie Lott's personal view and advice on being a celebrity in today's limelight constantly 

As well as the excellent advice and support given by Lisa, Stephanie and Eilidh 

I have definitely taken Lisa's advice on board, with her must have makeup necessities, Mac here I come 

However, there was also another excellent treat in store for us, a brilliant goody bag filled with an unbelievable amount of handy, edible and just convenient presents 

But thats not it, my evening got even better with the chance to have a personal chat and a must have photo with Pixie Lott, what a lovely girl with great advice about the industry and opportunities she has had 

Very Jealous was an understatement 

What better way to end an already excellent evening 

Anyway I have yet another exciting day and evening tomorrow with Cosmopolitan so there will be another exciting post on its way  

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