Cosmopolitan Fashion Show

The other week myself and a few others got invited to the Cosmopolitan Fash Fest, Fashion Show event, the day whizzed past in a blur, I had awoken that morning adamant I would spend the day sorting out the necessities for the following evening, but typically nothing was sorted so there was of course the last minute dash 

Becky came to mine before hand so we could riffle through clothes, change our minds last minute then have the opportunity to dash out the door like headless chickens together to an awaiting Uber car 

Now before I get ahead of myself and tell you about our extraordinary driver for the evening I chose to wear;

Ted Baker two piece suit and blouse, my comfiest suede shoes from Pull & Bear, Russell & Bromley clutch, with the ever essential jewellery from Banana Republic and Links 

After a hectic throwing on of our fits we were confronted by the most charming driver to wiz us off to the event that evening, he pulled up in an immaculately clean Mercedes perfectly blacked out so no one could see Becky and I's last minute makeup Mayhem, and before we knew it we were there 

As we stepped into the VIP area we were met by numerous well known faces within the fashion industry as well as iconic Celebrity figures 

As the evening commenced we were faced with numerous photo opportunities that Becky and I just couldn't turn down 

Smile for the Camera.. 

After numerous poses here and there, we were escorted through to our table 

The room was lit up with hundreds of little LED lights, as we were sat there looking at the sky we were dazzled with twinkles here, there and every where 

But I must apologise my attention was instantly lost when a topless model came striding down the catwalk 

The evening was being hosted by none other than the beautiful Laura Whitmore as well as featuring M.O the new up and coming girl band 

But thats not the best part, the evening was hosting an hour long catwalk show featuring well known brands such as Asos, Dorothy Perkins, Oasis, Very, f&f and the list goes on 

As the show came to an end we all filed back out to the entrance area where we were faced with photo booths, free Bars, supper as well as makeup, hair and tanning booths 

Becky and I had our fair share of free drinks and photo booth fun then caught the first car out of there to zoom over to Kings Road to finish of our evenings antics 

But I can't finish before showing you my favourite photo of the evening, with my gorgeous LCS, London College of Style girlies 

Oh and I almost forget to mention the highlight of the evening, the goody bags! oh my they were filled with goodies to say the least

If only I could smuggle all of these home with me, I would have enough Urban Decay, Tooth Paste and Nail Varnish to last me my life time 

Maybe next time hey? 

All in all the evening was a roaring success, hundreds of people turned up bubbly and excited and left just as high spirited 

But for me the main highlight of the evening was my bed at 3am, when I tried my hardest to sneak in like a ninja obviously being well and truly unsuccessful 

It was defiantly an evening to remember, until next year Cosmo 

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