Dover Street Market

Whilst on a hop, skip and jump tour of London my class at London College of Style stopped off at Dover Street Markets. Now I don't know about you but I have walked past that little entrance hundreds of times in my life, and have never once spotted the sign let alone stepped foot inside 

However after continuously pointing out the entrance to me the other day, I finally saw the little sign and stepped in through the rustic door 

Oh my what I was faced with was something completely different to what I had imagined, it some what resembled the tiny door in Charlie and the Chocolate factory, where once he had opened the tiny door he was entering a ginormous room of goodies

The Market had 4 floors, all packed with little stalls, high designer pieces, contemporary pieces, pieces by individuals put together with scrap materials 

We all instantly split off and delved into 4 floors of the unknown 

For an afternoon of mingling and crazy item spotting I wore my comfiest outfit yet 

My new Mango coat, totally impractical coming into the wet and muddy winter months but if it means I can hold onto a tiny bit more summer then I will take on the mud and wet with open arms

Zara jeans, Accessorise Handbag, Louis Vuitton Scarf and Charles & Keith shoes 

This is one of the two things that stuck in my mind whilst discovering hidden gems in this maze of a place 

How beautifully designed is this dress, I can only dream of being able to one day wear something this beautiful 

These hats some what reminded me of the mad hatter, it was hats everywhere all portraying different crazy situations in which you would wear them 

If I were to host a party the theme would most definitely be Mad Hatter, I kind of have a real addiction to hats you see, so any crazy shape, size or colour is right up my street 

The second thing that stuck in my mind was these ginormous pair of shoes 

How amazing are they, they take statement piece to a whole new level, I can just imagine them propped up on my living room mantle piece 

Unfortunately we were unable to buy them, and most probably unable to afford them to 

Anyway just a quick post from me tonight, more to come your way shortly 

Have a good night xx

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