Hakkasan, Dubai

Whilst in Dubai my sister persuaded my parents and I to visit Hakkasan for supper one evening, and oh my was it an excellent choice

Hakkasan is situated in the Emirates towers, it is a multiple award winning Michelin star restaurant that specialises in Modern Cantonese Cuisine

Once the car had pulled up we were faced with metres of glass surrounding us and lifts zooming off to numerous floors it some what reminded me of Willy Wonka's Lift 

For an evening of excellent food I chose to wear my new Jack Wills tartan dress, paired with black Patent Gucci heels, Louis Vuitton scarf and my Tory Burch Handbag 

We were shown to the restaurant down a slate corridor through some large double doors and we were met with a bustle of laughter, music pumping and the essence of Asia 

The bar stretched for metres, with around 800 different bottles of whisky's, rum's and Vodka's the list is endless

We grabbed our seat in a booth and were given the menu's to snoop through, the choices were endless 

We finally made a decision on the starters and mains and they shortly started to arrive 

For starters we went for the Hakka fried Dim Sum platter 

As well as Duck spring rolls that were beautifully marinaded in spices and served with sweet Hoisin Sauce

They were demolished very quickly, then instantly followed up by our mains 

Chicken Noodles served with Sesame seeds 

Stir fry ribeye beef in black bean sauce 

A beautifully displayed Shallot edition

And another chicken delight served with Prawn Crackers and A Mixed Veg 

And last but certainly not least the Roast Chicken in Satay sauce with a excellently crispy skin 

The dishes were unbelievable 

But you can't forget about the best part of an evening out, the desserts 

I have always been taught since I was a little girl that if you don't eat all your main then your not allowed a Pudding however, after years of sussing my parents out if I go about it with my main side is full but my pudding size is empty it works a treat every time

The dessert menu arrived and Lauren and I decide we would try almost every option available 

Firstly we went for the Hazelnut Javara Bomb, it some what resembled a snap crackle and pop of rice crispies but 100 times better 

We got a bowl full of Macaroons my all time favourite dessert, nothing can beat this delicious bad boys 

If you ever want to totally impress me head on over to Laduree and chose the craziest flavoured Macaroons available 

They are a treat every single time 

The deliciously gooey Chocolate Fondant prepared with perfectly tangy sorbet 

And lastly the Fruit Platter I think it was I cant entirely remember, but it was unbelievably delicious anyway 

After demolishing far to much pudding we finished up our glasses of wine and headed on out to explore the rest of the Emirates Tower 

The food was an absolute dream at Hakkasan I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone! they have one in London to, so head on over you Londoners 

They had a replica model of Dubai just sat chilling in the lobby, it shows what is to come over the next few years, well I was excited from head to toe! The replica showed everything from the swimming pools to every last detail about new hotels and malls 

I mean look there are little people sat at their desks working! its true what they say that Dubai take everything to a whole new level

Anyway before I continue to ramble, There will be more exciting posts to come on my Dubai antics 

I have attached below the link to Hakkasan in London, its a must do 


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