London Fashion Week - Street Style

So here it is as promised, I have a back log of exciting posts to show you guys over the next few days from shows I have watched 

But not only are the shows super exciting, another excellent part of London Fashion Week is having the opportunity to check out trending street styles throughout London 

Today I found myself at Somerset House, Strand and oh my weren't the outfits fabulous 

So here goes 

So I got my first ever photo taken by someone today, A lady from Loreal came up to me and wanted to take a photo of my Street Style, yes I was the girl stood there in the awkward pose, not knowing whether to pout, pose or just blush

To say I wasn't a pro was an understatement, hopefully with time and practise I will get there

Becky and I chose to wear all black as per, however some other spectators decided to push the boat out 

This lovely lady was a German Blogger, having flown all the way over to spectate a few exciting shows over the next few days 

This women instantly caught my attention, cause not only did she have my dream handbag, she also had a striking outfit on with the holes in the tights, and the cape like blazer. Once all combined it created an excellent edgy look 

I love this girls smart yet casual look, I really wish I could pull of a long trench coat and trainers, but it is no can do unfortunately 

However my best shot of the day was of 'The Londoner' if any of you have no clue what I am on about google search the Londoner, and prepare to be enlightened 

She pulled of an elegant and sophisticated look, paired with one of my all time favourite YSL handbags 

So P.S if anyone wants to treat me... 

But I can't forget to mention these two excellent young guys, that most certainly made my day 

The Popcorn Boys.. 

I mean what an excellent idea, whilst everyone is stood there striking a pose, I was there eating far to many bags of popcorn! 

Was a perfect morning in my opinion 

However, I have my afternoons exciting antics to tell you yet, so keep an eye out a new post will be up shortly 

For now though I need to take off these heels, snuggle up in bed and look through my photos whilst having my fingers and toes crossed that I have taken goodens

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