Rhodes Twenty 10

So here I am again, sat in the executive lounge pondering over a cocktail wondering where to start with the post 

As much of you suspected, yes this post is about a dinner delight 

So here goes.. 

The other night I had a look through Time Out yet again to find a gem for that evening, which is where I stumbled across Gary Rhodes restaurant

It had excellent reviews, so I was instantly determined to make my point heard and visit that evening 

Seeing we had previous plans made for that evening, I made sure to push them forward a night, with very little persuasion I had the rest of the family on board and we were up to our rooms getting ready for an exciting night of food and wines 

When I packed for this holiday I had anticipated that we would  be doing a lot of shopping as per usual, however we had not delved upon that adventure yet so I was lacking clothing choices, which Is why I dug out this old beauty from Topshop and threw it on 

Once in I was instantly mesmerised by the interior, it had a dark yet sexy atmosphere to it, yet lit up with ginormous chandeliers, all edges were lined with candles, as well as an intimate yet edgy bar area 

After grabbing our seat in the bay window we were met by the most delightful waitress who gave us our menus and we all dug our noses in 

Our drinks arrived 

Now the menu choices were unbelievable, hands down one of the best selection of delicacies 

After many ooh's are ahh's we finally all came to a decision 

To start we were given Chicken, Cucumber, Onion and Bean Sprout spring rolls 

Sticky Barbecue, and Honey Baby Back Pork Ribs 

Grilled Asparagus Spears

And last but certainly not least the Heirloom Tomato Salad  

The combination of Mozzarella, Figs, Watermelon and Tomatoes created this mouth watering pile of glory 

Instantly we all dug in, within minutes it was all gone and the mains were on their way 

Between people watching, celebrity spotting and chandelier gazing we were all completely oblivious to the fact that the mains were snuck in below our noses un noticed 

I chose to go for the Barbecue pork ribs for mains 

As well as the Chicken Live Parfait 

Everyone else went for perfectly cooked steaks 

Mac n Cheese

As well as some chunky chips, fries and Parmesan salad 

All I can say is the food choices were unbelievable  there was not one bad choice on the table 

However, the Mac n Cheese took the crown 

Between sips of wine and delving in and out of numerous different dishes we eventually came to an end 

All I could see was the desserts on the horizon

Warm Chocolate Fondant 

And the R2010 Pudding Plate 

Iced Pecan Parfait

Strawberry Shortcake 

Sticky Toffee Pudding

And finally Petit Four 

Carrot cake served with Passionfruit and white chocolate goodies

Well this was hands down the best meal I have ever had, there is nothing better than an exceptional starter, main and dessert but this restaurants took Gold 

Not only that but the staff were extremely friendly, My mother even managed to talk the back legs off all the poor staff 

Anyway from my end I will need to run home with the amount I have eaten tonight, but you can never eat to much pudding right?