Skybar - Dubai

Whilst we endured our adventure in Dubai, we consistently relied upon the excellent aid of 'Timeout Magazine' so yet again we found ourselves with our noses dug in searching for some evening activities 

Which is where we stumbled across the 'Sky bar' at the Hilton Jumeriah beach hotel 

After our evening escapades at Gary Rhodes Restaurant we hopped in a car and drove over to the Hilton 

After flying up numerous floors in the lift, we opened the door to a a bar stretching the width of the wall, floor to ceiling with all drinks lit up but.... 

Thats not the best part, the view was unbelievable, you could see from the Burj Al Arab, to the Atlantis, The Walk all the way to the Burj Khalifa, the view was endless 

So what better than taking the time to embrace the breath taking views as well as taking full advantage of being able to throw on our evening best, and dance around like a loonie 

For this special occasion I chose to wear my New Karen Millen striped dress, with Gucci Heels

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