12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 2

Sorry I haven't posted this earlier today I've had a pretty hectic day! with running around London then hopping on a train and heading back to Wales for a weekend at home 

So where were we... 

Review A Product? 

I recently paid an over excited visit to Whistle's in Parson's Green, seeing it's opposite where I study I thought I had done pretty well to de tour myself from the front door for a grand total of 3 weeks! However, once the sale signs appeared in the window I couldn't resist, so in my break I nipped in. 
I was met by two lovely ladies, they were so helpful and chatty, so I shall apologise now for staying for around 20 minutes just chatting to them. I grabbed a hand full of clothes and ran into the fitting room, I reluctantly put down a few items I had fallen in love with but ended up with 3 I just couldn't choose between. A Clutch, A Dress and a baby blue top! 
I honestly stood there utterly confused for about 10 minutes, until finally deciding to go for the Clutch and to go back for the other 2 another day. 

So here is my Review of a product!

It was like pass the parcel unwrapping this beauty!
But it was totally worth it, just look how amazing this powder blue clutch is 
When I saw it I just couldn't resist. 

It is the a perfect small size, so you can fit it in anything, you could also potentially use it as a makeup 

It is so smooth and luxurious to, I just want to cuddle up to it 

However the best part is to come....

Drum Roll please.... 

It was a whopping £20! in the sale. Honestly their sale at the moment is so good! they also have this bag in a Pink in the same size as well as a larger size in Blue and Pink! 

This is honestly a Must have! 

Head over to whistles now to grab yourself this bargain