12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 5!

Me again! So here I am sat on the train writing this post on my phone! So I apologise if it is a disaster 

It's day 5 of the blogger challenge and today's challenge was; 

Most loved possessions 

When I think of my most loved possessions I don't know whether that means physical things such as iPhone or do animals count? Well I've thrown them all together so here goes... 

1) Of course my cats! Tiggy and tufty! I mean who doesn't love this little face 

2) My links bracelet! As no matter where I am in the world I know my sister and mother have their's on to! 

3) My camera - I honestly don't know what I would do without this 

4) My iPhone! - because if my camera dies this is always my saving grace 

5) Spot - my childhood dog, which can you guess!? Had spots of course 

Anyway that's my top 5 most loved possessions what are yours?