A Shoreditch Secret

The other day I found myself whizzing over to Shoreditch to have a meeting with a PR firm at lunch, through thorougher graffiti spotting, weaving through alley ways and window shopping I managed to stumble across one of the most perfect cafe's ever 

But I'm getting ahead of myself, let me rewind a little bit 

Myself and a few others had a meeting with Coffin on Cake PR who are based in none other than Shoreditch, the meeting allowed me to gain a better understanding of their relationship to the fashion industry as well as how fashion Styling and PR go hand in hand

We made our way up a flight of stairs and entered an all white office space, there were rooms veering off here there and everywhere with people tapping away at their keyboards, photos of magazine shoots, personal shoots and garments situated everywhere  

We were met by a lovely young lady who showed us all their showrooms which featured collaborations with designers such as Converse, Cat, Roxy, stance and numerous others 

I was told all the low down on how the company has got to where they are today, the involvement they have with designers and photographers and how I as a blogger and Fashion Stylist should go about this industry 

The meeting went on for about half an hour, where we experienced all their products on offer, from edgy urban garments to more composed girly items 

Just as we were saying our thank you's and goodbye's I spotted a photo that instantly had me amazed, I don't know what it was about it but it was one of the coolest covers I have ever seen 

Im easily entertained you see 

As we left Becky Joanna and I decided we were ravenous so we entered the first little cafe that caught our eyes, and oh my was it a good choice 

As we entered we were faced with a room full of miss match chairs, painting on the wall, luminous wall art, cushions with entertaining cat pictures on! of course that had me in stitches 

We made our way past a counter full of chocolate goodies as we went through a brick arch way where we were faced with an amazing room filled with more chairs, a clear ceiling so you could see the sky above and more exciting art work on offer 

We grabbed a seat oohing and ahhing, and instantly looked over the menu to see what was on offer 

I opted for a panini, chocolate milkshake and a hazelnut cup cake which all came to an exceptional £10!

The food was amazing, the staff were so friendly and the ambiance had a cool relaxed vibe about it, there were individuals sat there tapping away on their laptops, families there having lunch and students there enjoying the cheap yet tasty food on offer 

This place is a must! head on over its a short hop skip and a jump from Shoreditch high street tube 

Anyway enough from me, does anyone else have excellent recommendations of cool and quirky cafe's in London 

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