A Spontaneous Trip

I like spontaniouty I mean who doesn't, the thrill of packing last minute, throwing clothes together and then running out the door 

That is exactly what I found myself doing today, After quickly grabbing some necessities I was off in a car heading for Gatwick 

But can you guess where I'm heading? 

I hopped on the 3 hour flight, zoomed over the sea and began getting exceptional views of below, following the coast line of Italy as we made our way over Sicily, I saw my destination in sight... 

Got any Idea yet? 

Okay I'll tell you... 


As I hopped off the plane I was engulfed with 29 degrees heat, my attire I had chosen to leave London in consisted of Tights, Knit Jumper, scarf and fur gilet, to say I stood out like A sore thumb was a slight understatement 

After eventually retrieving my bag, finding my car to pick me up, I Jumped in and began to explore Malta, zooming through the roads at some what of a terrifying pace, up steep hills, down mountain sides and I eventually pulled up to The Hilton 

I Threw my bag in the room was about to run back out when I spotted a little plate of something out the corner of my eye 

The smell and shape instantly had me watering at the mouth... 


To say I ate my heart out was the honest truth, every little nibble on the plate was gone and I was triumphal rubbing my ever growing belly 

After waddling my way back out the room, I began to explore with my parents, they showed me the beautiful harbour of Portomaso, circled by numerous yachts sat there waiting to be taken out.  

For such exploration I threw on; 

Sandals: Tory Burch 

Playsuit: Zara 

The afternoon flew past, far to quickly for my liking and before I knew it I was nipping back to the room to change to get ready for an evening of restaurant exploring 

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