A Whirl Wind Of A Day

Wednesday Is always a busy day for me I wake up a few minutes before 9, quickly throw myself in the shower, run around like a headless chicken, then I'm out the door and making a quick dash to London College Of Style for a packed day of exciting Antics 

After a busy morning with editorial styling, male physique and preparing our second Shoot, Becky and I packed up our stuff and headed for the one place we knew we could get a deliciously quick meal, Cote 

You know you go some where to often when they recognise and instantly anticipate this is going to be a nip in and nip out lunch 

We grabbed our seats and I began playing with my camera as always! and guess what I found an array of new settings on there I didn't even know about

I most definitely take on a male approach to new things, manuals go out the window and I play around until I have figured the device out, which in this case was a year later

Our Lunch arrived, I went for my all time favourite Chicken Liver Parfait with Brioche Bread 

Whilst my lunch buddy went for a full blown lunch of Chicken with Potato's and Vegetables 

Our heads instantly dropped and we dug in! 

Its hard work becoming a fashion stylist you know... 

And of course for a day of hectic running around I chose to wear 

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Charles & Keith 

Scarf: Louis Vuitton 

Handbag: Louis Vuitton  

Unfortunately our romantic meal for two had to come to a swift end, we nipped down the road grabbed some after lunch mints, then ran back to class, just as the bell rang 

The afternoon was yet again fully packed with another Personal styling brief but with guest speaker Elin Mai who is a Westfield Stylist and founder of Styledoctors.com, she allowed us to delve into her world understand the pro's and con's, what is expected of a Personal Stylist,  and tips that has made her as exceptional and renowned as she is today 

So I can't thank you enough for today's class, to find out more on Style Doctors follow the link below.. 


After our exciting lesson, we finished off the day with another guest visitor who allowed us to personal style his wardrobe, and give our own personal evaluations and methods to improve 

Anyway Its packing time here in my household as in a few hours time I am flying out to some where very exciting tomorrow morning 

What plans have you got this week? 

But don't forget to have a sneak peak at Becky's blog and what she has been up to recently 


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