Bare Minerals

I am really hoping there are others out there that can relate to the difficult and nightmare procedure it is to try and find  beauty products that first of all work and arnt a massive gimmick, don't react with your skin and smell good! 

It is near to impossible! 

I've tried nearly every single brand out there for makeup, body lotions and toner's however, the one brand I have never ever tried before was Bare Minerals

Hence why I found myself the other day walking up completely oblivious to what I wanted, what colour of anything and what their products even look or smell like! I was some what resembling a lost child that was for sure 

After some ooh's and ash's on my behalf, I eventually got talked into 3 of their products 

Now I am a such an easy target within shops like this, I just tend to say yes to everything until later that day I get home and realise I have bought a load of complete clobber 

However on this occasion I said yes to the correct things! I firstly got an Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser

It comes in a powder form, that you are recommended to either blend with water or another of their products which in my case I chose to do so 

I was told to use the Exfoliating Treatment Cleanser two to three times a week 

This cost me £19.00 and below is the link 

The other product I chose to combine with the above was the Purifying Facial Cleanser 

This product is a gel like substance, that once mixed with the powder creates a thick or thin concoction depending on the owners preference that has the ability to clean deep into your pours 

This cost me £15.00 and below is the link to grab yourself this beauty,en_GB,pd.html

Now I have tried hundreds of different products, that I feel just clog up my skin, don't work and have smelt awful however, touch wood these two from Bare Minerals seem to be doing just the job I needed them to 

They smell great, don't leave any creasy substance and have cleaned my skin up incredibly other the last week or so 

I would definitely recommend this to anyone! 

The final thing I got was a lip liner, I have struggled for ages to find the right colour etc but this one was not only the perfect colour, it was also on offer 

Its a neutral colour which is great when combined with my favourite lipstick! 

It was originally £13 down to £6.99!,en_GB,pd.html

Anyway enough from me what do you lot think of Bare Minerals? 

This experience has opened up a whole new door to me, A whole new expensive door, which is never a good thing