Bread Street Kitchen

The other day I arranged to meet up with one of my bestest friends Daisy, after much umming and ahhing we finally decided we would head to the city, we weren't quite sure where to go or what to do but we knew we wanted good, filling food 

Hence why we found ourselves at Bread Street Kitchen owned by none other than Gordon Ramsay himself 

Bread Street Kitchen is one of those daunting restaurant you stumble upon, with the large doors looming over you, numerous eyes watching you and a menu so delicious you find yourself stuck in a rut 

We managed to get squeezed in seeing I have the inability to ever book restaurant reservations, it makes it all the more exciting right?

We took our seats and stuck our heads into the menu, when having supper with Daisy I know she is as keen as I am to order first then catch up after 

So after quickly scouring the menu, we instantly made up our minds and placed the order 

Now I am a real Gin and Tonic girl, I can taste the difference between all Gin's and even tell you exactly what Tonic they are using. Personally A Sipsmith's gin with Fever Tree Tonic is the icing on the cake, wins every time 

Across the table Daisy opted for her usual a glass of Rose 

Between courses we managed to catch up on everything we have missed, with her talented self being at one of the most prestigious and demanding performing art schools in the UK, you can imagine I don't get to see her much these days, but when we do we make a night of it 

The starters began arriving, I opted for the Flat Bread, which came with deliciously cooked Caramelised Onions, Taleggio Cheese, Pig Cheeks, Pine Nuts and Basil Pesto 

Oh my wasn't it scrummy 

Daisy decided to go for the Rigatoni, Tomatoes, Aubergines, Mozzarella and Pecorino Romano 

I couldn't help but steal a few mouthfuls 

Sharing is caring right? 

The photo's would have been better but the flash on my camera had broken earlier that week, Hence the blurred photos in this post 

We chatted about our plans about next year,  where we were going to live, home antics, London antics all whilst I sat there watching my food be made up out the corner of my eye 

Its true what they say, time flies when your having fun, before we knew it the mains were looming upon us being held by a smiley and chatty waitress 

Duck for myself with Pea Puree and Potato 

I just knew as soon as my meal arrived, this is what I am ordering next time I visit this restaurant with my parents. Does anyone else have the problem with their mother always stealing their food. Well this one she wouldn't, she can't stand the deliciously, juicy and plump redness to meat! 


Daisy opted for the oozing cheese Beef Burger 

I don't know how she does it, stays so slim but eats so much! she has to tell me her secret one day

We munched away for what felt like forever, with intervals mid conversation to sit in silence and properly enjoy the beautiful concoctions place before us 

We speedily finished them up and began to make plans for the evening, the restaurant had begun to fill up quickly with the loud chatter of Business men just finished work, young girls clattering around on their stiletto Heels 

Rather than making a swift exit, we of course decided to stay and delve into a plate of loveliness 

We chose to share a Peach dish, as well as a Berry Tartlet 

Between mouthfuls I dipped and dived into each dish, over all the tartlet took the crown, but I do have a real weakness for tart's 

I mean who doesn't (Immature moment) 

We grabbed a waiter and signed for the cheque, and zoomed off into the dark and mysterious night 

However that didn't last long as we found ourselves joining the back of the line to enter Madison, the roof top bar 

(Photo's from Madison Website) 

I mean its totally understandable there is a line that long, because once the lift doors opened you were faced with a view to die for 

We grabbed some drinks, and a pew and chatted the night away 

After a few hours we realised the bar had nearly emptied, and decided to make a swift exit so we didn't look like alcoholics. I slid into the car waiting for me and headed home to my warm and welcoming bed 

Both the Madison and the Bread Street Kitchen must be added to your 'Must Do' list, neither are cheap as chips, but lets be honest where is in London 

Its all part of the experience! 

Well I keep telling myself that

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