Daddy's Birthday

Today is a very special day its my daddy's birthday! So for such occasion I threw on my favourite new outfit

Skirt: Pull & Bear 

Sandals: Tory Burch 

Top: Hollister 

We started off the day in full swing by making a mammoth walk all the way from St Julians Harbour to the point in Sliema which from my calculations is a bloody long way 

Between St Julians and Sliema there are lots of areas where individuals are sat sunbathing, swimming or playing games 

As we made our way further around the harbours you can see our starting point slowly drifting into the distance 

You see the big sky scraper? our hotel is just below that! 

I know I am impressed to 

Of course we had to do a few detours past some shops, where I got some goodies then we continued on until we got to the Point in Sliema, yet another shopping mall 

The bridge is full of hundreds of Padlocks, all scribbled with words of Love, whilst the views of Valletta you are stood before are breath taking 

We mooched around there for a while, got the necessities and a little more then decided to embark on the mammoth walk back, making a detour to grab a spot of lunch over looking the crashing sea. 

We reluctantly stood back up after devouring a tasty lunch and continued our adventure, following the sea wall all the way around Sliema then onto St Julian's 

I was insistent we pay a visit to the tower like structure at the hilton to see lots and lots of fish, I mean who doesn't want to have a little bit of fish spotting in there day? 

Wow I'm so easily entertained...

Anyway we made our way back up to the hotel, where we were inundated with cake, which I kindly took the liberty in demolishing, and now I find myself here on my balcony over looking the sea, whilst my Mother and Father have a quick siesta before this evening antics 

What have you got up to today? 

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