Portomaso Marina

later that evening we went for a meander around Spinola Bay in Portomaso, the harbour had a buzz about it, there were candles lit here there and every where, individuals from all over the world sat with glasses of wine chatting away. 

The harbour had a dreamy ambiance to it, as if you were escaping reality and entering a tranquil and relaxing world, where the boats sit there bobbing back and to with the ripple of the tide 

Or not bobbing in this case.. 

In the day the harbour is filled with local fisherman and artists who paint the boats and create these old, rusty wooden boxes into beautiful works of art 

It is just unbelievable to sit and watch 

After plenty of where do you want to go? Oh I don't mind, we finally made a decision to go to a local restaurant we know well 


The entire restaurant is beautifully designed with white rock throughout, and once detoured through the restaurant you are faced with an outside area with views of the sun setting and hundreds of Floating brightly coloured boats

Knowing perfectly well what we wanted, we still felt it necessary to stick our beaks into the menu and see if we came up with a new delicacy for that evening 

Which of course we didn't 

To start the night off Dad and I opted for the bruschetta whilst mum went for the Garlic Bread 

There was enough to feed a family of 50

We tried our best to eat as much as possible, but had to stop as we had another course to come 

The whole attitude in Malta is very relaxed, its the Italian/Maltese way 

There is no run in and run out, no demanding food to be quicker or complaining which I am used to being a Londoner, its such a calm and relaxing place 

The mains shortly arrived, dad and I couldn't resist but to over load on carbs and opt for a pizza 

The pizza's were deliciously crispy, with little burnt edges who can resist lets be honest. 

Whilst my mother pushed the boat out and went for, well we weren't really sure it was a twist of Carbonara and Omelette, but it was thoroughly enjoyed which is all that matters 

Between mouthfuls all that was spoken were ooh's and ahh's 

I eventually had to come to an end, my body could not consume any more however my dad powered on 

After a successful defeat, we finished our drinks and signed for the bill 

It shocked me how cheap the food was, I guess living in London we get used to extortionately priced food 

Seeing the evening was warm and hugging we decided to go for a wander around the harbour 

There are old boats scattered everywhere, some in parts, some nearly finished and some on the road to success 

We continued to walk, soaking up the Maltese lifestyle, the late night eating followed by a romantic stroll, of course ruined by me flashing away with my camera! (now grow up, I know what your thinking) 

As we went around the bend a fence of padlocks caught my eye, all scribbled with words of love from individuals from all over the world 

The harbour is one of those places you can just sit and watch for hours on end, nothing changes or moves but you find yourself engulfed in the Maltese culture 

After making our way around the Harbour and witnessing this breath taking view of the boats moored and the lights shining off the water creating beautiful reflections we made our way back to the Portomaso Marina 

I was insistent we have a walk past all the yachts, so I can gaze in awe and hope one day Santa will read my list and be able to tick off the; 

1 - Yacht 

As you followed the Marina around you were eventually faced with two canons face to face as if they are about to dive into a match of dodgeball 

Of course I couldn't walk past civilly I had to have a little fun 

My mother had walked off at this point and left my dad and I chuckling away to ourselves 

But there was something else my dad had spotted that he couldn't take his eyes off 

Every year we visit he always says 'thats the one' the Yacht he is going to buy, everything is perfect about it, then he tends to starts rambling on for a good few hours 

But hey who am I to argue

The evening continued mostly consisting of dad and I pretending to fire canon's at each other, my Mother looking totally unimpressed and our eagerness to pay a visit to the bar 

The whole night was slowly becoming a blur, but an entertaining and enjoyable one at that 

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