Restaurant On The Roof With Q

As I previously said I met up with Olivia the other day after four long years, after finding ourselves meandering our way through Hyde Park, running from suspicious looking Swan's and ducking continuously at low flying pigeons we eventually made our way over to Selfridges 

I had been recommended the Restaurant On The Roof With Q numerous times but have found myself either unable to make it for afternoon tea or they have been fully booked 

So luckily enough Livvy and I swanned up with fingers and toes crossed they would have a table available! and luckily they did 

The terrace was bustling with people on their afternoon breaks or work lunches, Livvy and I got given a perfect little table over looking London with the sun beaming down on us 

After receiving the menu's within a matter of seconds we both knew what we wanted 'Afternoon Tea' I mean why would you not 

Our drink orders were taken and within minutes they arrived I went for a summer cocktail with Elderflower, Prosseco and Kiwi I think it was 

Whilst Olivia over the other side of the table dug into her Berry concoction 

For our mains I opted for the Roof Garden Afternoon Tea, it came with a selection of finger sandwiches, Freshly baked scones with jam and Clotted Cream, A selection of house baked Pastries, As well as being served with a pot of tea 

Olivia went for the Cream Tea option which came with 3 Freshly baked scones with jam and Clotted Cream as well as a pot of tea 

Now it sounding good so far agreed? and don't get me wrong the food was unbelievable but there were some negatives 

I don't drink hot drinks so when I ordered my Afternoon Tea I asked if I could swap the tea for a soft drink which was in fact the same price as the tea on the menu, the waitress rudely declined the option and said I would have to have the tea 

So I accepted the tea and pushed it over the table to Livvy, however Livvy was also meant to receive a tea with her Cream Tea, which never appeared 

Anyway back to the positives, after digging into my monstrous mountain of food I was faced with lots of different tastes on my palate

From the sweet Jam on the scones, to the rich chocolate brownie as well as the light and fluffy sandwich fillings 

I eventually managed the last mouthful of Brownie and sat there feeling accomplished 

Livvy and I finished off our plan making for the next few weeks to come, took the last sip of our cocktails then made a swift exit 

This is a place I would certainly recommend to visit if you want an excellent lunch over looking the beautiful city 

I have attached a link below

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