The Wanderers Return

Yesterday morning I dropped a text to Olivia one of my oldest friends from a previous boarding school wondering whether she wanted a day galavanting around London 

Instantly she replied 'Yes!' so I threw on some clothes and hurtled out the door to make it to Hyde Park corner in time to meet her 

It was as if nothing had changed in four years, we were back to our usual messing around self however, this time we are now both Bloggers so there was going to be a hell of a lot of clicking that day 

To check out Olivia's exciting blog head on over to;

We wandered through Hyde Park for a good few hours, its meant to some what resemble a quiet and peaceful area however when I am there it most certainly wasn't, birds were adamant to land on me, I was terrified that swans were going to run at me! all in all it really wasn't that enjoyable 

After walking for a considerable amount of time we came across this beautiful garden filled with moss covered ponds, extraordinary fountains and a beautifully structured building 

So what better than photo opportunities 

We snapped here and there, whilst on lookers looked in amazement however I then made a little error 

Well I tried to multi task and it somewhat ended in this result, my lens cap rolling into an excited clan of swans 

I most certainly was not retrieving that anytime soon 

After looking at all the possible ways I could manoeuvre my way through the barrier to retrieve the lens cap, I finally gave up and moved on swiftly 

However we did come across a young gentlemen knee deep in the lake, if I had known I would have sent him over to the swarm of swans to retrieve my lost item 

We caught up for hours and hours on whats been happening with both our lives in the last four years, laughed about embarrassing and entertaining mishaps we endured when at school together and have sworn to see each other weekly for after work drinks 

As we excited the park I decided I would pursue a little bit of squirrel spotting, I know what your thinking how interesting not, but it was once the squirrels all started fighting with each other and rolling around on the floor 

Small minds easily entertained in this case 

After staring and laughing for far to long we swiftly moved on to grab some much needed brunch, but i'll tell you about that exciting event later on 

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