Blue Elephant, Malta

I know I have been totally useless these last few weeks with travel and food posts so I thought I’d do one that features both of those beauties above

Before I went to Malta I read reviews on best restaurants in Malta, time and time again the Blue Elephant kept popping up, after securing my confidence by asking my friend who visits Malta a lot, she confirmed that it was an amazing pan Asian restaurant, so who am I to go against her reassuring words

I threw on my new Skirt from Zara, which you can find further details if you click HERE on my outfit choice, I grabbed a few photos with my mamma, and papa then whizzed down in the lift to the restaurant

Oh I almost forgot to mention, the Blue Elephant is situated in the Hilton Hotel at Portomaso Marina, I mean what better than exquisite cuisine right on your door step?

Wait I know what your thinking, room service, what if they could bring this beautiful food to your door so you don’t even have to step foot out of bed! Now were talking

Anyway I wont let myself get to distracted, the restaurant was not at all what I had expected it was flamboyant, eccentric, amazing, beautiful I honestly cant think of enough words to describe the ambiance and décor of the place

I feel the photos above say more about the place than I ever could

We were kindly given the option of an outside or inside table, now don’t get me wrong either allows you to feel transported to Asia and experience the cuisine and cultural lifestyle they embark upon. However there was one factor that won us over, outside was about 28 degrees and lets be honest when do we ever have the opportunity to eat at home outside in that temperature

NEVER, yes that’s what I thought

The first thing that caught my eye was the restaurant has such an excellent eye for detail even from the beautifully positioned red Iconic umbrellas, to the flowing river through the restaurant with large golden shimmering fish swimming under the bridge

I know what you’re thinking, the restaurant has a river? It sure does

Even the cutlery had a Asian aesthetic to it, being elegant yet bold with a gold vibrant colour to them, paired with a 2 peace plate set In the same iron Gold colour

Within seconds Dad and I had chosen what we wanted the mother of all sharing platters, In fact it was called the ‘The Royal Thai Banquet Menu’
I mean who doesn’t want a table full of magnificently beautifully tasting dishes? I know I do

I will try my best to not leave out one detail about the glorious food placed before us so that you can embark on our mouth-watering journey to

Our starters immediately appeared carried by a happy faced waitress eager to tell us about what we were about to dig into. We had before us;

Chicken Satay’s 
Strips of Grilled Marinated Chicken served with Cucumber and Peanut sauce

Spring Roll ‘Blue Elephant’ 
Our Special recipe of Minced Lamb stuffing served with Red sweet and sour sauce  

A crispy golden from which Prawns and Juicy Sweet corn burst forth in a cascade of flavours, named after the famous waterfall in Central Thailand

Crispy Fish and Prawn Salad
Salad of crispy minced Tuna Fish and Prawns with Organic Lemongrass and Ginger, tossed in a spicy lime dressing

Thung Pu
All the talent of Chef Chang comes out in this dish; stuffed egg pastry with Philadelphia cheese is a favourite with our regulars

Last but certainly not least Dim Sums
Parcel of minced Pork, Shrimps, and Crab Meat steamed in a bamboo basket accompanied by Soya Sauce

I just had to include all the details above as it all added to the excellent experience

I managed to quickly get a few photo’s before digging in and the content being demolished in record speed. Every flavour paired together created bursts of Asian cuisine within each mouthful

Now if I was pinned to a chair and had to make a choice on which was my favourite, I would probably say the Thung Pu, Chef Chang didn’t fail to impress that was for sure

One thing that stuck in my mind was the waitress asked when we wanted our next course, which meant we didn’t feel rushed along, and if we needed time to unbutton our trousers and have a Homer Simpson moment then we could

Dad and I opted for a pre main course of Soup, however my mother stayed clear which led to numerous taunts being made at her from either side of the table

Dad opted for the Tom Yam Koong soup, which had 3 little red-hot elephants next to its name. It’s description said Thailand’s famous spicy soup, a refined and powerful shrimp bouillon

Whilst I the wimp went for the one little lonely elephant soup called Tom Kha Seafood, which was described as a Refreshing soup of seafood with young coconut, flavoured with lemongrass and galangal

The creamy-ness was truly divine, I am a massive fan of prawns and also Coconuts so once combined they created a pot of gold

The plates were cleared away and we had enough time to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant, the traditional Asian music playing in the background and the romantic couples holding hands looking over the harbor

Oh I almost forgot to mention, it was my dads birthday and their romantic evening for two kind of got gate crashed by moi! What you can’t expect me to stay in the hotel room whilst they go and gorge on beautiful so beautiful food!

The mains shortly after appeared, this was the course I was most excited about as the mix of meats, fishes and vegetarian options were divine

Here is what we had;

Fruits De Mer Phuket (that word always makes me have a very immature snigger to myself)
Stir Fried seafood with Nam Prik Pao and Tamaring Juice

Kai Katiem Prik Thai
Stir Fried Chicken perfumed with Coriander, Garlic and Pepper

Ban Chiang
Marinated Sliced Sirloin of beef stir friend with onions, mushrooms and baby corn set in an aromatic oyster sauce

Ped Makarm
Slices of Marinated Magret of duck grilled Saignant and served on a bed of seaweed, topped with exotic sweet and sour Tamarind sauce

Massama Lamb
A typical dish from the South of Thailand, a lamb curry dish of spiced in Coconut Milk, Thai sweet potatoes, roasted Peanuts and Cashew nuts. This dish was described in a poem by King Rama

So that means its got to be good right?

Lastly mum also ordered a Chicken Noodles, as well as Phad Thai Blue Elephant, Normai Farang Phad Hed Horm and Steamed Jasmine Rice

The smells that were coming from the table were indescribable; from the sweet stir friend Chicken to the deep rich beef stir-fry there was every flavours you can imagine 

I honestly can’t describe to you the first mouthful, it was like the Starburst advert where your mouth explodes with different flavours

This was definitely an exceptional choice made by Dad and I might I hasten to add

The night slowly went on with couples leaving here and there to go on romantic walks around the harbor, however due to our mammoth meal choice we still had another course to go

The desserts, now I always find desserts at Thai and Indian restaurants are hit and miss, however Blue Elephant wanted to surprise me this time by offering an array of delicacies, not knowing what each were we dug in regardless excited to see what we were going to be faced with

The waitresses then appeared with candles alight singing happy birthday to my dear Dad! They had a plate of Chocolate cake in their hands which I could not wait to get my hands on, the deep rich icing and the soft moist cake was almost to mouth watering for me to wait until they had finished their song

Of course it was right for me to allow dad to have one mouthful, as it was his birthday, but after that the cake was gone straight over to my side of the table to be demolished

And oh my wasn’t it tasty, I cant thank the staff at the Blue Elephant enough, with the surprise birthday cake, really happy and chatty staff and excellent service I don’t feel there could have been a better place to celebrate such a special day 

I honestly don’t think I can recommend this restaurant enough, not only does it have beautifully designed interior it also over looks the Yachts in the Harbor, what more do you want?

Apart from a beautiful flower to take home with you 

Apart from some Krispy Crème Doughnuts, mmmm doughnuts (I am totally reminiscing about previous delicious doughnut eating experiences right now)

Anyway before I start to get to side tracked, has anyone else been to the Blue Elephant? And have any excellent food recommendations for me to try next time I return?