Ottolenghi, Notting Hill

I woke up this morning excited about a day on Shoot at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill, I rushed out the door like a loony as usual, bag in hand and iPhone on Maps so I could find my way to the venue 

Whenever I have been on shoot previously it has always been a manic yet long winded day, don't get me wrong I love the hustle and bustle, the crazy set changes, models running in and out and different designers pinning, tucking and stitching last minute 

The shoot today is based around the Renaissance era, so that means one thing, a whole lot of gold embroidery, sequins flying everywhere and models squeezing themselves into tight clothing 

Seeing there is 21 looks to get through, I made a clear choice to go and explore Notting Hill, but first and foremost I had to grab a glass of juice and a much needed slice of cake 

After wandering down the road from Beach Blanket Babylon we came across a shop with lots of mouth watering cakes in the window, I was instantly hooked

This little cafe was piled high with delicious cakes on offer, from fruity delicacies to every pastry you can think of, as well as fresh salads filled to the brim with sweet succulent tomatoes and Avocado's 

I mean just get a load of all this, I honestly couldn't chose so was tempted to go for it all 

I warned you this was going to be a picture over load, but the best part was the little cafe had nibbles on offer all wrapped up in cute little presents that you can take home with you or gift to others 

After much thought and consideration I decided to opt for a Almond cake with Blueberries, Peach and Mascarpone, it was truly divine 

Paired with a nice strong Latte 

The whole cafe was small and quaint yet modern and chic, the cafe was stretched over two floors but really narrow! 

We made our way down to one large table at the end of the cafe, were there were 8 other guests digging into their chosen cake or salad 

I kind of really liked the whole atmosphere as it was really casual and friendly and you were able to get chatting to those sat next to you 

Which for me was a dream as I am a serious chatterbox 

Me with my delicious cake, that is pure happiness right there! 

We chatted away for a few hours to waste time, I was extremely close to purchasing yet another cake and digging in but I managed to over come that desire 

We headed back to Beach Blanket Babylon were I am now sat here doing this post, and occasionally sticking my nose near the fire to roast it a little! 

Honestly if you have never been to Beach Blanket Babylon you HAVE TO GO! it is just incredible in so many ways 

Click HERE to get further details on Beach Blanket Babylon and there shall be a blog post on the venue later this week to give you a sneak peak of what to expect 

What is everyone else up to today?