Sibling, Fashion Show

The other day I got an invite popped in my inbox, asking me to attend the Sibling Fashion Show at the V&A 

I have previously previewed Sibling's range at London Fashion Week, however this new range was a lot more eccentric, elaborate and exciting 

I was really unsure of what to expect, where it was going to be in the V&A, what to wear and what to expect 

After numerous outfits being thrown about, shoes going on and off about fifty times and handbags going here and there, I finally made a decision, threw on the last few essentials then ran out the door to catch my car to the venue 

For further details on what I wore to the event click here

I arrived just on time and the queue was quickly filing through the arch into a large open room where the show was being held 

We grabbed our pew on this occasion and got our camera's ready, excited about what was to come 

The lights went down and everyone leaned for easily anticipating what was about to retreat from behind the wall, the first outfit was to say the least a statement peace, assuming the range would get more and more wearable and feature more street style outfits, little did we know we were soon to be faced with a extensive range of pom pom like outfits 

(Above 7 Images are from Daily Mail)

The show went on for about fifteen minutes, with some of the most bizarre and outlandish outfits I have ever seen 

The show came to an end and there was a murmur of voice all not quite knowing how to take what they had just previewed 

However its true what they say, make a statement within the fashion industry because people won't remember an ordinary outfit 

And Sibling certainly took that piece of advice on board and took it to a whole new level

But who am I to complain, wouldn't it just be divine to be able to throw on the bright red pom pom outfit and strut it down Oxford Street? I know you want to really...