The Crown, Whitebrook

Doesn't that pudding just look so scrummy, the violet colour with the cactus like meringue and the flowers placed so delicately on top mmm 

Anyway I shall stop dribbling and begin to tell you about a little secret hidden away in a village in South Wales 

There is a Michelin Starred restaurant called the 'Crown' at Whitebrook, Its one of those restaurants you never think about visiting so seeing Lauren was home for the weekend we thought we would venture further afield and head over for an evening of delicious courses 

For such occasion I chose to wear; 

Top: All Saints 
Shoes: Gucci 
Skirt: Pull & Bear 
Handbag: Louis Vuitton 

We arrived and were met by a really lovely young girl who showed us to the comfy sofa's and handed us the menu's. The restaurant has always had a reputation for being rather funky with their food due to My dad and Sister previously visiting and opting to have the tasting menu which consisted of Snails, Ox Tongue and numerous other interesting/questioning delicacies 

However this time the menu was excellent with so many choices, I was instantly stuck with what to go for, unfortunately the rest of the family were opting for the A la Carte menu so we couldn't go for the Tasting menu which I was secretly rather gutted about, ox tongue sounds interesting to me 

After much thought and deliberation we made our decisions, but I can't quite tell you what they were just yet, thats all part of the fun 

We grabbed some drinks had a few sips then were shown through to our table which was in the corner of the room right by a nice big fire 

The part of this experience that stuck in my mind the most was the fact that around your main courses they were giving you little treats of other options on the menu 

I know right, win win really! 

We were initially served some honestly unbelievable little Pre Pre starters, I am sure they have a name for this course just have had a complete mind blank, so lets go with Canap├ęs shall we?

I am trying my best to remember what they were, the little nibble on the left was a prawn cracker with Butternut squash topping, with Pumpkin seeds and Sundried Tomatoes 

Whilst the other option was goats cheese with fig on a crumbed biscuit base 

Now if I had to pick one I think it would have to be option 2, you can never have to much Goats Cheese and fig in my opinion 

Shortly after we were faced with the Pre starter, I mean come on are you not just loving this restaurant already! pre pre starter what more do you want? 

The Pre starter was a pumpkin soup 

Just to good for words, at this point it had me so excited for our starter course 

It arrived and the plates looked like little works of art, all beautifully stacked on the plate not one bit of sauce out of place. 

We luckily all went for different courses, so you know what that means....It goes a little like this, I tend to do clock wise so a mouthful from each and every one of them then back to mine to consume the last little bit 

Best way really 

I opted for the Snails! I know, I have been dying to try them for so long just never had the guts and the lovely waitress managed to talk me into so I thought whats to lose! and honestly there was nothing to lose they were cooked to perfection with a bbq aroma to them

The snails came with Smoked Longhorn Feather Blade Snails, Charred Onion, Beer Barley and Nettle Puree 

To my right my mum went for a vegetarian option which was bread crumbed croutons with gnocchi and goats cheese 

Opposite me my Father went for the Cornish Crab with Charlock, Horseradish and Celeriac Bark 

Just look at all that foam doesn't it look so tasty and throthy  

Lastly my sister went for my option number 2, the Hand Dived Scallops with Pork belly, Chestnuts, Celery and Apple, as soon as her plate hit the table a hint of jealousy over came me, until mine was then placed down and the reassurance came back that I had yet again chosen the best dish 

There wasn't much conversation bought up over the next ten minutes or so, it was mostly ooh's and ahh's from around the table 

As soon as we finished our last mouthful the plates were cleared away, new cutlery was laid down and the mains were on route

Just perfect for me I don't ever see the need to waste time waiting around, quicker and more food the better in my opinion 

My mound of deliciousness arrived promptly, topped with oozing sauce, the smells are indescribable 

I opted for the Valley Venison with Walnut, Brussel Leaves, Quince and Semi Dried Grapes 

My mum went for yet another vegetarian option the Heritage Pumpkin and Squash with Roasted Brussel leaves and Foraged Mushrooms which was full of colour and prepared beautifully

My dad opted for Cornish Brill with Caraway Cabbage, Onion, Smoked Bacon and Scurvy Grass 

Whilst to my left my sister went for the Tregoyd Partridge with Boletus Mushroom Puree, Parsnip, Cavolo Nero and Yarrow 

Of course I had to allow my fork to wonder around all of the plates, taking a little taster from here and there 

I felt I went for the best option yet again, the Venison was so soft and moist and melted in your mouth, whilst the contrast of the crunch from the Potatoes added texture, and the Anglaise oh my 

I could feel my main side was getting full however my pudding side was empty (Tapping the sides of my tummy) Has always worked a treat since I was young 

So I was super excited about the pudding options available 

After much persuasion I managed to talk them into getting four different desserts so I could try them all

Before our desserts arrived we were met with a Pre dessert! I know what your thinking what a place!! 

It was the one dessert we hadn't opted for the Poached pair with a White Chocolate sheet, Herb Ice cream and crumble 

After having a few mouthfuls I really hoped my dessert choice was going to live up to this standard, because the combination of the Ice Cream, pear and crumble was to die for 

The desserts shortly arrived after, all pilled high with some of the most beautiful colours I have ever seen, all plaited completely differently and letting off numerous smells as they were placed down 

My mum went for the delicious looking Raspberry with Chocolate and Mint Ice Cream 

It was extremely rich with flavours, however once paired together worked beautifully and created burst of flavours 

My dad went for the Cheese board, totally oblivious to the fact that the waiter soon retreated from out the shadows with a trolley full of cheeses were he was then allowed to choose 5 of the following 

Just get a load of that board, I wish I had one of these to hand in my house! unlimited cheese all day long 

My sister went for the Chocolate Parfait with a crumbed base, sweet sauce and and Ice Cream which I can't for the life of me remember what it was 

And last but certainly not least was my glamorous dish! dressed to the nines with luxuriousness, I honestly couldn't stop staring at it

The Violet Parfait with Blueberries and Meringue and Violet Ice Cream

It some what resembles the Violet sweets that you used to eat when you were younger in the round wrapping 

It had so many flavours going through it and each one complementing the other, If I had my way right now I would have this dish in front of me, spoon in hand digging in as I write this 

The meal was starting to come to an end, but of course we couldn't finish to quickly we had our last course to come which was the Petit Fours 

Delicious little sweet cakes with fruit on the top, a cream topping and chocolate 

I only wish they were twice the size so I could savour the moment longer 

The evening rounded off with my belly growing quicker every course we went through 

It honestly was one of the best meals I have ever eaten, it Definitely will go down as a place to visit for a Sunday supper 

Lauren went home stuffed and happy, I left snap happy and full to the brim, my Mum left thoroughly impressed and my dad left with the indent in his wallet 

Opps, Mission accomplished I am thinking 

If you want to get your hands on this delicious menu, then follow this link and it will take you through to their website, it is certainly worth the visit