The Rotary Ball, Celtic Manor

The other day my Dad, Mum and I got invited to the Rotary ball at the Celtic Manor 

I found myself hopping onto the train home on Friday night so that I could run around like a headless chicken on the Saturday morning trying to find something appropriate to wear that evening

After much thought and consideration I thought I would push the boat out wear something a little different to usual 

Have you ever wondered what its like to wear a Tuxedo, well I have and I got to experience it first hand 

Rather than standing at home sorting out the hem of my dress and alining the straps, I was instead having a massive argument with my Bow Tie, wondering why the heck guys put up with this, and trying to figure out the over and under, back and behind or something like that technique to tie this dam thing 

I decided to wear; 

Suit Jacket: Ralph Lauren 

Suit Trousers: Karen Millen 

Shoes: Diane Von Furstenberg 

Bow Tie: Dolce & Gabbana 

Shirt: Burberry 

Handbag: Anya Hindmarch 

Dad and I both retreated from our bedrooms after getting ready looking like twiddle dumb and twiddle de 

I was of course Twiddle De! 

Of course I would never look as clean cut and polished as my Father as I have never had the ability to not look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards 

We hopped in a car to take us down to the Celtic Manor all dressed to the nines ready and excited for an evening catching up with old friends 

Upon arrival we were met with Champagne, I mean who am I to turn down such an offer 

We made our way through the groups of friends, catching up on long lost gossip as I haven't been around for a catch up in what seem like forever 

I was of course the Camera nerd for the evening, I just can't go anywhere without it, I can't help it 

So as soon as we stepped foot into the hotel until we stepped foot out my camera was clicking away, one day they will thank me for this I am sure 

We grabbed a seat at our table with a few others and was able to have a flick through the auction lots available that evening as well as take photo's in my case of the Autumn leaves on the table hence the Autumn theme 

Arn't the colours just amazing, Gosh I am so easily entertained 

The evening whizzed past pretty quickly, with food being served, champagne constantly coming and my dancing shoes ready to bust a few moves here and there 

As you can tell no photo's were taken after about an hour into the event, as the rounds of drinks were coming to quickly and my need to dance along like a wailing fairy to classic hits was far to important

Gosh I wouldn't be very good as a professional photographer would I now, all I need to see is food in the distance or hear some great sing along tunes and I would be a goner 

The evening was a great success with hundreds of pounds raised to go towards some much needed charities 

Anyway enough from me, I need to catch up on some sleep as I have an exciting night to look forward to this evening 

How was your Saturday night?