The Sushi Dream

I thought I would do a flash back to Malta post and this one evening was one that has stuck in my mind ever since. 

On our last day we went for a little explore around Spinola bay to see if there was any other little diamonds hidden away, just as we were giving up we came across the twinkle of something in the horizon 

This restaurant was situated on the second floor of a town house, the only thing was caught our eye was the glistening name, we made our way up the twirly stairs and entered into a restaurant which stretched back as far as our eyes could see 

It had an essence of the modern yet classic era about it, the tables were spread ready to serve a feast, with lots of happy group chatting away over a glass of champagne.

The thing that excited me the most was the sushi bar propped up to the left of the room, with a charming young man flicking a few knives here, there and everywhere and every few minutes producing a work of art 

We grabbed our seat and were instantly unbelievably excited about the menu on offer, there were a few things I just couldn't take my eyes off

I tried oh so hard to get a nice photos of dad, but as a true Halliday he is the inability to take a normal photo was starting to seem apparent 

I hopped on the band wagon of ordering far to much food like the rest of my family 

Within a few moments a lovely waiter came up to take out orders, I of course ordered my usual Gin and Tonic, what else and then began to relay off all the courses I was going for 

For starters we all came to a joint decision on sharing all dishes, as I have the complete inability to keep my knife and fork on my own plate 

As the waiter loomed upon us dishes in hand, I almost jumped out my seat and dug in before they had even hit the table, the smells fumigating off the dishes were indescribable, and I was so excited about having my first mouthful of my dish 

I opted for the Chicken Satay, with Sticky Peanut sauce, and get a load of those bad boys how deliciously divine do they look

My mum went for a steaming pot of Crispy Aromatic dug rice paper rolls which were melt in your mouth heaven, honestly as I write this my stomach is giving me havoc 

And for my father's choice he hit the jack pot, I have never been a fan of raw Salmon or Beef, but This dish changed me whole perspective on it 

The Salmon fell to peaces as soon as I touched it, it was so moist and flavoursome, and for the beef well if I had my way right now I would digging into this meal all over again 

I tried my hardest to resist the temptation but I just couldn't I had to dig into their dishes and spread the love 

At this point I was beyond excited about what the mains were going to be like, if they were anything like this I was contemplating flying back out to Malta imminently just to experience this dining for yet another time 

The mains appeared out of nowhere and they definitely were not failing to impress me 

I opted for the Scallops, and they were hands down the best scallops I have ever eaten in my entire life, and thats is a big statement for me to say, they melted in your mouth and fell to peaces when your fork hit them 

My Mother went for the Chicken Nasi Goreng 

Which for future reference this was a starter size! can you image in the main size... 

The flavours were so rich and delicious, each mouthful filling you with strong yet tasty aromatic flavours 

My dad finally opted for the Beef dish 

The steak really was indescribable, they honestly had the melt in the mouth experience down to a fine art this restaurant 

We dug in speech less at how much of a gem this restaurant was, and how it has rocketed up to some of the best food we have ever eaten 

I think the most upsetting part was we had to find this bad boy on our last day, so we didn't have time to experience the Sushi 

Between our mains and desserts I nipped over to the Sushi table and just stared in awe at the guys skills 

He and his friend were the loveliest people, explaining to me all about their culture and how they are so proud that countries such as London thrive on serving Sushi 

He also explained to me the method behind certain sushi making skills and what each dish was he was making 

It honestly was a form of art, the way his hands moved and the dishes he produced were breath taking 

Atleast I now know this is the place to visit if you want to gain some knowledge on Sushi making as well as have the opportunity to dig into some of the best Sushi you will ever taste served by an exceptionally Sushi chef 

I reluctantly made my way back over to the table, as I had just begin to emerge into a trance like zombi just watching the chef's hands flick here and there, however I could see my dessert on the horizon 

I opted for the Pear and Ginger, Pecan Nut Crumble which was so moist and juicy 

My dad opted for the Citrus trio of Creme Brûlée 

Which if you are a Creme Brûlée fan then this is the dessert for you, each mouthful was different and so tightly packed with flavour it was a roller coaster journey 

To finish of our mammoth amount of food we were given Petit Fours, seeing there was only three, it was polite of me to eat two and leave dad and mum to share the last one of course 

Oh the joys of having food ridden children 

Our evening was finally coming to an end, we unfortunately had to call it a night and head back to the hotel to embark on the journey to the bar 

As we left the restaurant we were face with the view of the harbour, all quiet and peaceful as cars zoomed past 

I just honestly can't recommend this place enough, the vibe is really laid back and friendly, and the service is incredible! but the food, oh the food is at a whole new level of excellent 

I just want to hop on a plane now and fly myself right back into the restaurant 

If you are ever in Malta this is the place to make a visit to, HERE is the restaurants details and enjoy!