A Sheinside Secret

Christmas Eve I threw on a party dress to attend a dinner party at the Itani's, I was rather hesitant at first seeing it was shorter than I usually wear, but after getting approval from my parents I headed out 

The entire evening I was getting compliments on the dress, everyone loved the cut as well as the really pretty pattern however, the best is yet to come.... 

I really love mixing high end clothing with highstreet clothing, so I decided to were my new Sheinside dress with my favourite Gucci Heels 

But you'll never guess what, the dress was a whopping £14.73! BARGAIN, HERE Is the link to the website 

So after falling in love with this dress and the quality it arrived in, I thought I would allow you lot in on my little secret of where to get this beauty 

I have created some what of a wish list! 


Navy Round Neck Long Sleeved Plaid A Line Dress

Black Long-sleeved Embroidered Lace Flare Dress

Black Long-Sleeved Beauty Print Flare Dress 

White Sleeveless Print V Back Flare Dress 

Blue Sleeveless Vintage Floral Jacquard Dress

White Half Sleeve Bird Print Loose Dress

White Long Sleeved Metal Beading Neckline Retro Print Dress

White Sleeveless Porcelain Print Flair Dress 

Black Long Sleeved Embroidered Sheer Mesh Yoke Dress

White Contrast Black Sleeveless Vintage Floral Dress

White Short Sleeved Floral Giraffe Print Dress

Apricot Sleeveless Vintage Tribal Print Dress

White Sleeveless Bead Vintage Floral Dress 

Black Sleeveless Vintage Floral Knit Dress

Tell me what you think of my chosen favourites?