A White Company Christmas

The other day my mum and I paid a visit to the White Company, for as long as I can remember my dream house will be fully equipped from head to toe in White Company 

There is something so dreamy about soft fluffy white bedding, white walls and cute little ornaments dotted around the house 

Hence why mum and I had our head down determined to get as much festive necessities in before Christmas loomed upon us to quickly 

So here is a sneak peak of what we chose 

The Winter house scenting set includes house spray, scent diffuser and their signature candle

Which for future reference if you want your house to smell like a dream, buying the Winter smelling candle is a MUST this christmas 

You can get this little bundle of joy for £55.00 HERE 

The next thing I insisted we purchase is this super cute beaded medium size heart, you can never have enough hearts dotted around the house 

I wasn't the only one to give my seal of approval to this purchase 

Tiggy felt it was a complete novelty hitting the heart around 

They are usually £15.00 but now down to £10.50 HERE 

My mother then chose the next christmas decoration, how super cute are these glittery glass ball ball's 

When they hang on the tree they shimmer in the light, but the cats cant get enough of being able to see their reflections in the glass 

You can get these usually for £12.00 however they have 30% off at the moment so they are now £8.40 for a set of 3 HERE 

We also got the steel christmas ball ball, that has in scent balls within it, so when it blows around it lets little wafts of christmas off 

You can get this for £15.00 I can't find this any longer on their website but it is available in store

Now within my house hold you will see a common occurrence in every room, I have a serious love for candles as well as hearts so this next purchase has added to my collection 

Silver beautifully detailed candle holders, and Winter smelling Tealight candles 

When I say winter smelling imagine cinnamon, mixed with Clove and Orange, I know right.... Dreamy 

To get your hands on these little gems, the Pinecone Tealight Candle Holders are £4.20 each HERE 

Whilst the delicious smelling Winter Tealight candles to pop into the holders are £15.00 and you can get your hands on these bad boys HERE 

Mum and I honestly were kids at Christmas, we had numerous other things in our arms as we ran around grabbing everything that smelt good and shined that caught our eye, unfortunately my Father put his foot down so we have decided to order them online anyway 

Seems Im not the only one who is a fan of the white company 

You can never have to much of a White Company Christmas if you ask me... 

What do you think? 

Have you allowed The White Company to be included in your christmas this year? if so what goodies did you choose?