Blue Bird, Chelsea

The other evening Dad, Lauren, Euan, Mum and I all headed over to Kings road to attend the Nordoff Robin's Carol Concert, now I don't want to go into to much detail about the evening's antics as there will be a blog post to follow filling you in on every tiny detail BUT.... if you have never attended this Carol Concert then that had to be one of your New Year's resolutions 

After singing our hearts out, sipping copious amounts of Mulled Wine and eating enough Mince Pies to feed Santa for a year, we made our way over to the Blue Bird, hand in hand singing our hearts out with the festive season looming upon us 

One of my all time favourite supper spots has to be the Blue Bird, the vibe is excellent, the food is unbelievable and the cocktails they have to offer are well how do I put it.... thirst quenching. 

We piled in, throwing all our coats off having had to tackle the freezing British Winter weather minutes earlier, we were surrounded by twinkling Christmas lights, beautifully decorated Christmas Tree's all piled together with joyful cheers, glass clinking and bursts of laughter created the ultimate ambiance. 

We grabbed our table and within minutes had Champagne appearing out of nowhere, I mean who am I to turn down a glass of bubbly's especially in this Festive season 

We clinked away, whilst talking about our evening's antics, and how we were to prepare for next years, within minutes our heads were engrossed in the menu's and no one retreated for a few minutes, until fully satisfied they had chosen the most excellent choices 

I decided I was going to push the boat out slightly, and steer away from my usual of Fillet Steak for main's and go some what more risky throughout 

Before I embarked upon my food adventure, and trust me it certainly was an adventure, we dug into some warm, smoking fresh rolls, there is nothing better than fresh bread and butter arriving on the table ready to be attacked by a pack of vultures 

The starters began to arrive a little while later, the waitress hands filled with glorious smelling food, I can't actually begin to explain to you how excited I was to devour every single last bit of what I ordered

Can you guess what this is?... 

All I can say was, I was not going near anyone anytime soon, to say I stunk of Garlic was an understatement. It looks like I was about to demolish a pot of pure Garlic however, deep inside those powerful Garlicky crevices were delicious warm, chewy Snails 

The rest of the table's starters had been placed down at this point, so my fork was preparing itself for the usual around the world trick it does every meal time 

My mother went for the Crisp Duck Egg 

The egg had such a crispy outside coating however, once your fork struck the core the egg began to melt all over the plate 

My Sister opted for the Jerusalem Artichoke Soup 

The plate arrived empty bar a few little garnish's sat lonely and lost at the bottom of the bowl, then the water revealed the magic jug filled to the brim with deliciously creamy soup, pipping hot ready to be poured and devoured 

My Father and Euan both chose to do the safe, yet excellent choice if I might add myself Prawn Cocktail. You can never go wrong with such a traditional yet exciting dish 

Each mouthful left you feeling as if you had been transported to a seaside resort, looking over the crashing waves whilst eating a freshly caught Prawn Concoctions, from all the Oh's and Ah's coming from that side of the table I assumed the Prawn Cocktail went down a treat 

In between courses we got planning for my 21st that is looming in the horizon imminently, I mean not that I have been counting but from my calculations there is roughly 1 Month 20 days! to say I am excited is an understatement 

Now I don't want to give to much away, as my blog posts will be going crazy in February, but the location we have chosen to visit will include plenty of restaurant reviews, copious amounts of Street Style posts and views that only those on top of the world can witness

Im sure that will keep you thinking... 

In between courses we had more drinks arriving, from the obvious bottle of red wine, to my usual choice of Gin and Tonic's, after living in London for a few months now, I am officially a Gin and Tonic Connoisseur 

The mains began to pile in, I kind of regretted going for my main course once received as I was able to gaze in awe at the other dish's being placed down in front of me that seemed far more adventurous and tasty 

I went for the Waldorf Salad, don't get me wrong it was beautifully displayed and the chicken was so moist and mouthwatering, but salad can never compete with a fillet steak 

My mother went for the traditional Fish and Chips, which always goes down a winner when ever we have previously visited the Blue Bird 

There is honestly nothing better than having such a classic dish at such a restaurant 

My father went for the dish I was so envious of the Fillet Steak 

Dam him... 

The minute he dug his fork into the steak it was so plump and juicy and you could tell that it was going to be a runner up for one of the best steaks every consumed, and don't get me wrong it wasn't far off 

To my left my Sister and Euan also went for Fillet Steak's, as soon as the plates met the table cloth we knew the 'Steak's were high tonight' 

Before we dug in the sides arrived, and of course the most anticipated side dish of the evening was the Mac N Cheese, no side dish can ever beat a perfectly cooked, cheesy, goey Mac n Cheese 

We all dug in, occasionally coming out with comments that went along the lines of 'Oh My God' or 'Wow' even venturing out to the this is Unbelievable, and trust me the Blue Bird had some tough critics sat at that table but we couldn't find many faults at all 

The clock was ticking and the night was creeping upon us, the cold weather outside was turning frosty leaving the grass crispy and layers of ice over the tables, we wanted to get back to the hotel and into a nice warm inviting bed as quickly as we could but of course there is always one individual that insists on having dessert, and that one individual was of course me 

I quickly analysed all the options on the menu's deciding which would benefit me the least calorie wise, so after figuring out which would be the most fattening, unhealthy yet delicious I opted for the Marshmallow and Chocolate Brownie Sundae 

Just look how divine that looked, in between each mouthful you got the rich goeyness from the Brownie combined with the sweetness of the Marshmallow and the crisp coldness of the Ice cream, it created a dream in your mouth 

No one else funnily enough dug in, they all just sat watching in amazement at how I could demolish such a dish so easily 

Hey as I have always said, my main side is full, but my pudding side is empty! no matter how full I am, a pudding is always necessary 

However, I did leave the restaurant feeling a stone heavier and in desperate need of a run home 

Unfortunately the evening was coming to an end, we finished off the last remains of our drinks, signed the bill and headed off into the freezing night