Brasserie Blanc, St Pauls

I Just want to start by apologising for my lack of posts over the past few days, I have had the craziest week, as well as being ill, so between running around like a headless chicken I have been trying to sleep off my illness 

However, things are beginning to look a little more hopeful! as of Saturday everything will be back to normal with Daily street style posts, as well as three food or lifestyle posts a week 

I may also sneak in a few festive posts, I mean it would be wrong of me not to.. 

So before I get carried away with the festivities I shall allow you to sit at your screen liking your lips as I show you the wonders of Brasserie Blanc, and their delightful delicacies on offer 

Whilst in London Becky and I had a crazy busy few days with work, we finished off the evening and had planned to head to Bank, unfortunately nothing caught our eye so we kept wandering until we saw in the horizon a familiar name that I knew we would both being in steak heaven with

We nipped inside Brasserie Blanc hoping they had a table available, luckily they did so we grabbed our corner pew, and got reading 

Oh the joys of going for supper with a Blogger, there is no privacy...

A few minutes went by and Becky and I had finally come to a decision, there were tables streaming with people all giggling and laughing due to a few to many glasses of wine and the ever expected Christmas Party animals 

Hoping our food wouldn't take to long, Becky and I opted for the Breads to start, they arrived boiling hot, giving off the warm aroma of a fresh bakery, we dug in, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing butter melt onto warm crunchy Baguette 

Before the evening had evening begun I was on a 'roll' 

Within a few minutes our mains had arrived, we pushed the bread aside and were overly excited about what was to come 

Luckily I was able to dip and dive between courses, and the bread Becky didn't consume I also demolished 

I am a real sucker for fresh bread, I mean its in my genes 

Becky opted for a honestly delicious, juicy, succulent, beautiful steak! is that enough words to describe just how glorious this slab of meet was? 

She also opted for a side of Peppercorn sauce and a deliciously tasty Potato dish, as soon as it arrived I knew give it time my fork would be travelling to her side of the table 

On the other side of the table I had chosen the Chicken Liver Parfait, I am such a sucker for this dish, where ever I go and its on the menu I have to have it 

Theres no question about it 

There were no words said for a few minutes, so that we could both just enjoy the flavours hitting our palettes 

Between mouthfuls I was able to enjoy a few sips of white wine, I mean who am I to turn down a glass of wine when offered, I find its the cherry on top of the cake 

Adding a glass of wine to your meals It allows you to have a good 'wine' about the days antics 

However I wasn't quite satisfied with just my dish for a main course, So after demolishing every last bit of Chicken Liver Parfait in site I made my journey to the other side... 

I finished the last bit of her steak off and began to yet again get excited about dessert, I swear I am a walking food machine

I have this problem where if I go to a restaurant I have to have Starter, Main and Dessert if I leave having not consumed all of these dishes I feel like I have left the evening on a low

So there I was getting excited about what dish I wanted to get for dessert, Becky opted for a cup of English Breakfast Tea, whilst I went for the Mont Blanc 

They have similar calories right? 

Just how delicious does that look, with dripping Butterscotch sauce, white chocolate ice cream, meringue and Chestnut Puree 

Every mouthful gave you a pang of flavour, thats a word right? well it is now 

I consumed that immediately, and was so desperate to try another choice as there was still a gap, unfortunately Becky talked me out of it 

Such a bad friend... 

We stayed for a little while longer, to over see those individuals getting more and more drunk as the night went on, whilst awkwardly throwing themselves over their bosses 

Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall the next day 

Anyway before I get carried away I had better wrap it up..

Has anyone else got any exciting stories to tell of christmas parties?