British Fashion Awards

WARNING: you may want to get comfy, put your feet up and pour yourself a cuppa cause this may take a while....

Surely I'm not the only person that has dreamed of attending the British Fashion Awards, every year after the event has taken place I spend hours flicking through magazines and newspapers so I can get every last detail on the night, from the extensive range of outfits to the evenings antics 

I thought this year would be the same again, preparing myself for an evening of copious amounts of Magazines however, one little parcel that came through my front door changed my entire weeks plan 

It honestly was like a dream, the golden ticket was sat there gleaming in the side pocket, Im serious now there actually was a golden ticket, which gave you entry to one of the hottest events of the year, the British Fashion Awards after party 

At this point I can't actually explain my excitement, I was hopping from one foot to another and within a matter of minutes I had contacted my parents and my closest friends ridiculously excited about the prospect of attending the event, but also in sheer panic as I had not enough time to prepare and choose the perfect outfit 

The next few days consisted of me running around London like a headless chicken, now don't get me wrong I can usually find a dress or a suit within a matter of seconds that I love and fits perfectly, but this time I was jinxed, I couldn't find anything 

The only dress I found and loved in Karen Millen didn't have my size, however of course my mother was to the rescue....

The night loomed up on us much quicker than I had anticipated, seeing I had an extra ticket I thought I would treat my mum, she has always raved on about the British Fashion Awards and usually ends up being the one that looks through the magazine's oohing and ahhing with me 

I had arranged to meet her at the Trafalgar Hotel, when I arrived I was totally deflated after a day of running around London due to meetings, all I wanted to do was crash, I had no dress and was running late 

However my mother as she usually does had a trick up her sleeve, as I entered the room I saw the gold dress from Karen Millen I so desperately wanted hung there, twinkling away, she had managed to get the last one in my size in the country and there it was with my name written on it 

My excitement was beginning to emerge again, I no longer had to worry about my dress, I had a beautiful evening bad all ready and waiting from Heidi and Adele, which had gold layered through it! and of course I was able to slip on my comfiest shoes 

We did a quick wiz around the room, threw on our clothes and were out the door in record time, our car was waiting for us outside and by the time we had hopped in and put our seat belts on we were at the venue 

Now that is what I call lazy

It honestly felt surreal, I pulled up to an army of Paparazzi all ready and waiting to catch celebrities looking beautiful from head to toe, the Colosseum was lit up and twinkling the words 'British Fashion Awards' the roads were even closed off from general public, so when the barriers were moved to let mum and I through It made you instantly feel like a princess 

We made our way through the crowds, celebrity spotting as we went, instantly seeing a few familiar faces in the crowd 

Our coats were taken and we were ushered up to an area for pre drinks and nibbles, champagne was waiting for us as we arrived held by two very dashing waiters, we grabbed a glass and began to wander through the crowds of people seeing who else we recognised 

Within a matter of minutes we had seen numerous celebrities as well as to my excitement a few well known Bloggers 

After a while we were ushered to our seats as the ceremony was about to begin, we grabbed our seats which were laid down with honestly one of the heaviest goody bags I have ever held. I told myself not to dig in just yet, I had to wait till the ceremony was over 

A few rows in front all the celebrities and fashion icons were sat there on tables filled with families and friends, Instantly I saw the likes of Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour and that was just the beginning 

The lights dimmed and the ceremony begun 

Little did I know the ceremony was being hosted by none other than Jack Whitehall, which for anyone who doesn't know him to well you must and I mean must get on your laptop or Iphone now and watch some of his shows, they are honestly beyond hilarious 

As soon as I saw him step upon the stage I was in hysterics and this certainly didn't change throughout the night 

We slowly went through the order of awards being given, now I am going to warn you this post will be long as I don't want to miss out one thing that happened that evening 

As you can see below all the names are written down for who has been nominated for prizes, and the list is extensive I must say 

The evening went on with the likes of Anna Wintour, Lewis Hamilton, Harry Styles, Kylie Minogue, Poppy Delevigne, Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, John Galliano, Kate Moss, Joan Smalls and Michelle Dockery all presenting prizes to other well known celebrity and style icons within the Fashion Industry 

I shall quickly tell you who won each prize as I have always over the years been so excited to hear the results, to begin with... 

The Emerging Womenswear Designer was marques' Almeida

The Emerging Menswear Designer was Craig Green 

The Emerging Accessory Designer was Prism 

The Red Carpet Designer was Alexander McQueen 

The Model of the year was Cara Delevigne presented by Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls 

The Special Recognition Awards was Chris Moore 

The Isabella Blow award for fashion creator was Edward Enninful, presented by Rihanna and Naomi Campbell 

The International Designer was Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton 

The outstanding Achievement award went to none other than Anna Wintour, Presented by John Galliano

The Creative Campaign went to Louis Vuitton 

The New Establishment designer was Simone Rocha 

The Establishment designer was Preen 

The best brand was Victoria Beckham 

The British Style award went to Emma Watson - Who might I add looked beautiful, presented by Harry Styles 

The Accessory Designer went to Anya Hindmarch 

The best Menswear Designer was J.W Anderson 

And last but certainly not lease the award for the Womenswear Designer went to Erdem 

See what I meant by this could be a long post, but what exceptional awards and receivers, each earning there awards through hard work, determination and pure dedication 

The one award which stuck in my mind was Anna Wintour's not only did her award celebrate her great success within the fashion industry and her extensive involvement due to her incredible role as Editor in Chief of American Vogue, but it also went on to explain her commitment she has to great causes all around the world, the money she has raised this year was astonishing all going towards charities in need of help.

What an unbelievable women I must say 

Towards the end we were then given an honestly breath taking performance for the tribute of Professor Louise Wilson OBE, models streamed from the sides filling the stage showcasing beautifully designed and sculptured dresses, I am sure I wasn't the only one that had to stifle the tears throughout this performance 

The ceremony was coming to an end, the ginormous LED screen was lit up with slide shows showing truly motivational and inspirational individuals as well as their work, the last slide came to an end and Jack Whitehall wished everyone a great night and the colosseum erupted with applause 

He truly did an excellent job as being the host, I would recommend anyone to go see him at a show 

Saying that I must record Bad Education!! 

We all streamed out the theatre and headed for the champagne and nibbles, we had some time before the after party to Shmooze as my mother likes to call it, drink a few glasses of complimentary champagne and of course stick our heads deeply into our goody bags to find out what glorious were awaiting our arrival 

Within second I was pulling out Mac cosmetics, Lindt Chocolates, vouchers, Label M products, Penhaligon's perfumes and American Express goodies, who doesn't like a goody bag that weighs a ton, I know I do 

We finally decided it was time to head across the road to the After Party, their were massive security guards guarding the door ways, with flashes going off in my eyes due to celebrities piling in after me and steps to contend with this was more of a mission I was about to embark upon 

As I squeezed my way through the entrance I shuffled past none other than Michelle Dockery, also known as Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, but she certainly wasn't the last celebrity I were to see that evening 

We made our way to the bar to check out the list of complimentary drinks that evening, one that instantly caught my eye was a cocktail with Ginger Beer in, Vodka and Soda I know it sounds an interesting concoction but was honestly so tasty 

We sipped our drinks as we meandered through the crowds spotting a few familiar faces here and there, however the highlight of my evening was about to occur as I weaved my way past a well polished individual I stumbled straight into none other than David Beckham himself, he was stood there dressed immaculately from head to toe, It was kind of surreal that moment. 

Little did I know that a few seconds later I would then go onto bump in Victoria Beckham one of my style Icons and Fashion Heroes, but the part that stuck in my mind the most was the fact that you don't have to be over 5ft 5 to be beautiful and stylish! 

She was stood there beautifully dressed, not one hair out of place and her makeup gleamingly immaculately, oh how I wish I could keep myself that in tact 

At this point my evening was at a real high, we continued on till early hours of the morning spotting numerous other celebrities leaving and entering throughout the dark cold night 

The drinks were flowing and the music was loud, perfect ending to a truly unbelievable evening 

This certainly has gone right up there on the highlight of my year! it was an evening I will never forget 

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