Fenwick, Bond & Brook

The other day my mum came down for a few days to London to indulge in delicious food, attend the British Fashion Awards with me as well as have a few days shopping, girly style 

We awoke early after our evening at the British Fashion Awards, to find out all the low down on one of the best nights of my life click HERE! honestly this is a must read 

My mother as always impatiently wanted to get up and out seeing it was a nice day, before our day of hectic christmas shopping we grabbed an early brunch/lunch at Fenwick's 

Previously I have visited and nothing on the menu has jumped out at me however, this time was different I kind of wanted everything so after a serious decision I managed to narrow my choices down to the top four! 

To start mum and I opted for the Pita's with Houmous, I honestly don't know what is better than some hot charred Pita 

We devoured that instantly as totally ravenous by now and I was so close to jumping from foot to foot in excitement about my main courses 

After a few minutes our mains started to arrive 

The Steak Tartare with Molten Quail Egg and Truffle Chips 

The Hand Dived Scallops Sashimi with Cucumber, Yogurt and Avocado 

The Quick's Cheddar Beignets with Apple and Celeriac Remoulade and Pickled Walnut Ketchup 

Honestly the most mouth watering cheese delight I have ever dug into

Lastly the Celeriac Veloute with Mushrooms and Pecorino Brioche 

Each dish was the perfect size to dig into individually, this is my favourite kind of meal one that you can go from a deliciously gooey cheese delight to then a mouth watering scallop dish 

Each dish was unbelievable in its own way however, if I had to order it it would definitely be Steak Tartare was the winner, then the cheese, then the Celeriac soup and then the Scallops 

This was a perfect detour for the day, I left full to the brim and ready to go on a shopping spree with the mother 

The only thing I missed out on was the amazing Macaroons for dessert, however I could always nip over to Laduree and indulge in a mammoth amount of sweet flavoured beauties 

Mmmm Macaroons