Madison For Brunch

I was lucky enough to have the delight of hosting Alex for a weekend in London, but lets be honest now, I am just about able to arrange dates and times for myself and not get them to wrong, let alone know about timings for Alex and her plans 

She came down with the intention to go for a night out to some fun London hot spots, as well as visit Somerset house to swan across the ice whilst taking in Fortnum and Mason's beautifully decorated trees.

However that didn't go quite to plan, I might have been a little late booking Somerset house as well as Duck and Waffle for breakfast, but I had a few more exciting ideas in mind 

One of which was Brunch at Madison's due to the unbelievable view, whilst sat there enjoying a glass of champagne you can look over London as well as get a close up little sneak peak at St Paul's 

Stood tall and looming over the Restaurant as if it has ownership 

We grabbed our seat and our noses were instantly engrossed in the menu 

After a few seconds we retreated both with a clear idea in mind of our chosen delicacies

Alex was opting for the more delicate option, the Berry Compote with crushed Hazelnuts 

How deliciously crunchy does that crumble look

Whilst I opted for the mean full breakfast, filled to the brim with Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Toast, Sausages, Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs 

It was to say the least very much appreciated, and consumed within a matter of minutes 

You can never have to many sausages on a plate if you ask me, they were so juicy and tasty 

We finished off our drinks chatting about the lead up to christmas and the exciting plans we have in order 

We tried oh so hard to contain our excitement about our best friend Kate returning from America after far to long, but little squeals and squeaks were released in sheer excitement 

I honestly can't wait for christmas to come, who else is as excited as me? 

But back to the topic, Madison is an excellent place to head down to get your dancing shoes no and have a jiggle in the evening, with the Madison lit up, or you are able to have a more civilised lunch, brunch and breakfast throughout the day in the restaurant over looking London's Finest 

What better? got a free Brunch or evening, then book now, all you have to do is have a little click HERE