Marco Grill, Chelsea

Whilst Alex was down on her spontaneous weekend to London I found a little gem that was just down the road from where I lived 

You know the excitement you have when you find a new hidden secret walking distance, but the best part is... 

The food is unbelievable! 

We got home and were so tired and reluctant to go back out into the winter weather, however I had a little research on my Taste card app to see where was walking distance from me, yet wouldn't let us down on some delicious juicy steak 

What popped up was Marco Grill, which was located a few metres up from Fulham Broadway tube station, right next to the Chelsea Football Stadium, The amount of times I have walked past the restaurant and obliviously not noticed! 

Marco Grill prizes itself on its Steak, and oh my were they on point with what they had to offer 

We threw on our winter woolies, and grabbed a car to take us over, yes we were that lazy, walking 10 minutes to there restaurant in the blistering cold weather, arrive looking wind swept and soaked by the rain? or.. Get a luxurious car all the way there, in the warm and dry and arrive not looking like a drowned rat definitely outweighed the LATTER 

We pulled up and hopped out, the restaurant was pretty quiet so we fit ourselves into a corner booth and dug our heads into the menu's to see what was on offer 

I was craving so badly a big juicy steak with fries and Bernaise Sauce, topped off with a large glass of Gin and Tonic, and guess what.. Marco had just what I wanted sat there screaming my name 

Alex and I were on a mission, we weren't going to mess around with starters as we wanted our mains sharpish, so we saved the space for a delicious dessert 

My Gin and Tonic arrived, filled to the brim with Tonic Water just how I like it with a curled up cucumber perched on the top, within seconds I became snap happy, taking a picture of everything possible 

After much deliberation over our main choices, we made a decision finally 

Alex opted for a large bowl of warming Carrot and Butternut Soup, which came with a cute little flower propped on the top 

As hers arrived a few seconds before mine, I couldn't resist pushing my spoon her way and have a little taste 

I mean I wouldn't want anything to be wrong with it, so I had better test it before hand right?

Mine arrived shortly after, a steak was perched upon my plate all juicy and ready to be demolished, a little jug of Bernaise sauce was propped on the side, however the best was yet to come 

Alex and I had agreed to get a few side dishes, and oh my did we choose good 

The sweet potato fires arrived, charred to perfection but soft and cloudy on the inside, however the monster dish was last to appear 

And was honestly one of the best Macaroni cheese dishes I have ever consumed 

I just couldn't stop digging my fork into the metal bowl and allowing the oozing cheese to fall from the fork 

I am trying so hard right now not to start drooling from my desk 

Just get a load of that bad boy.... 

The table fell silent and Alex and I were deep in a food dream, nipping in and out of our options all of which were unbelievably delicious 

We finally came to an end, the only thing left to do was scrape out the last few mouthful of macaroni cheese, as well as snap off the burnt little crispy edges of the Sweet Potato fries 

Once done we both sat back accomplished with what we had achieved 

The lovely waiters cleaned away our mains and appeared minutes later with the dessert menu 

Of which I got extremely excited by 

Alex and I agreed to go for two different choices so that we could share, well actually I made the decision as I couldn't decide which dessert I wanted more 

Alex opted for the Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream 

How deliciously sticky and glorious does that look? 

I opted for the Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream 

The crumble was so thin it felt as if you could let it fall through your finger tips, it melted in your mouth within a few seconds 

And the apple was so sweet and juicy 

I finished off the last mouthful and stuck my fork alex's way so that there wasn't any remains left 

This was certainly a snap happy supper 

But the best part was to come, Marco grill is included in the Taste Card offer 

So guess what! our bill went from £90 straight down to £45, so that gave us a grand total of paying £22.50 each! 


If you want to grab yourself a bargain then head on over to Taste Card now, and sign up to their card it gives you 50% off and 2 for 1 on so many restaurants 

Once you have got it, head on over to Marco Grill, honestly you won't regret it! 

But my own piece of advice....