The Christmas Makeup Haul

Has anyone else had that moment in life where they open up your makeup bag and feel totally unimpressed by the products laid in front of you? Well I had that horrible feeling the other day 

I have so many new mascara's and eye liners sat there waiting to be used, but foundation and bronzers are not my forte I must admit 

So the time came and I knew I had to pull my finger out and go shopping 

Want to have a look at what I chose? 

I started off the shopping trip in John Lewis, I was insistent on getting a new bronzer and highlighter so that my little hamster cheeks may slowly begin to look chiselled... well its wishful thinking 

The first thing I went for was the Benefit Highlighter, it has the glossiest shimmer pen to it, and allows your cheeks to instantly look chiselled, who doesn't like chiselled cheeks?

This little beauty was only £24.50 from HERE  

The next product I opted for was the Nars Reflecting Setting Powder, I opted for the Pressed compact powder rather than the lose powder as I felt it was easier to apply

It is an amazing product to put over the top of your makeup when done, it sets it all then adds a shimmer to it, so your party ready within minutes but also day to day ready instantly 

Win Win Really 

This little goodie is £24.00 and you can get your hands on it from HERE 

After doing a quick sweep over John lewis, I then went onto Mac

I find Mac an excellent company however, their products can be extremely expensive, especially their makeup brush range 

From Mac I went for an excellent Studio Sculpt Defining Powder that also goes towards my chiselled cheek look I have wanted to go for, Contouring is slowly becoming more and more popular recently 

To get your hands on this bronzing compact follow this link HERE and it is £22.00

The other product I went for from Mac was a Shimmering eye shadow, that I have purchased to put in the corner of my eyes 

Doing this technique opens your eyes up and makes them seen brighter and lighter 

The Eye Shadow was £13.00 from HERE 

That rounded off my Mac purchase, I then went onto H&M now I have never been a real fan of high street store makeup however, I was pleasantly surprised by the H&M range of eye shadows 

The Eye Shadows I opted for was the Smoky Eye Pallet 

The two colours that caught my attention were the White and the Silver, but the best part was this pallet was only £3.99, to get your hands on this bargain click HERE 

My shopping spree was unfortunately coming to an end, there was only two more things I needed to add to my collection which were a new makeup brush set, I will openly hold my hands up and admit I am awful at purchasing new brushes I tend to use them until they are on their last legs, so It was about time I pulled my finger out and upgraded 

I went for two Real Techniques brushes, one of which was a Blusher Brush

The other brush was an expert face brush 

Rather than spending around £30 on an individual brush in Mac, I visited Boots and these two brushes were on offer, one was £9.99 and the other one was half price! HERE

I would honestly recommend visiting Boots to see their excellent makeup brush collection and offers they have on

Does anyone have any good makeup recommendations, if so I would love to hear them?