The Realisation Behind Blogging

I just thought I would fill you guys in on my whirl wind of an adventure these last few months and the were about's I am right now. Has anyone else had those moments in life where you stand there and you physically have no clue what to do with your life? Please say you have, otherwise its just me then 

Back in August I had applied to university to study Fashion Marketing, I know what your thinking.... why is she now in London running around like a headless chicken doing anything other than Marketing well.. 

I had a moment in life where I had a flash back to the 13 years or however long it was I had to endure school, and the winging and strops I would get in having to attend, so why put myself through yet another four years of that? 

So I decided to enrol in a three month course studying Fashion Styling, I have always had an interest in Styling but have been steered away by numerous individuals that eventually persuaded me to not study it as it wouldn't get me anywhere 

But do you know what, I went against what everyone told me and decided I would just do exactly what I was told not to do, which was study Fashion Styling 

So three months down the line, I have narrowed down my future career path, and I can tell you know, this time three months ago I was thinking of becoming a Astronaut, Marketer even to considering to become a spy... Wouldn't that be fun though? 

The course allowed me to witness the real life fashion industry, we have all watched Devil Wears Prada correct? let me just warn you, oh how the industry copies just that. Don't get me wrong there are lovely people around and about willing to bend over backwards to help you, but you then get the Emily's from Devil Wears Prada which are out to get you jumping  hurdles 

But its all experience, some journeys I have had to overcome have taught me what to expect within this industry, what people can be like and has sure as ever taught me to be patient 

However you have to realise within this industry some people are in it for themselves, I have received a lot of negative comments about what I do for a living and how I have managed to get involved in it, but you just have to remember with hard work and dedication you can do what ever you want 

It doesn't matter how much money you have, or how many friends you have, if you are good at what you do then you will be found 

So I find myself here now, sat in front of my computer having some what of a rant, as I never feel I can say this to many people face to face, as they perceive me to being silly or ridiculous. Unfortunately due to putting so much time and effort into this new lease of life, my blog has been affected, I haven't been able to post as much, take as many photos or attend as many events, and I feel over these few months It has allowed me to slowly realise what is important to me

Without posting for a day I find myself sat at night worrying about it, and thinking how I can get an extra post in the next day to make up for it, or I find myself like I am now sat in bed after working a long day doing a catch up post as I don't want to disappoint any of my readers 

So I promise over the next few weeks my blog will go back to normal, I will have daily outfit of the day posts as well as post lifestyle, travel and of course food posts every week 

No matter how busy your day can be, you can always fit in doing something that you love 

The other day I got asked why I do my blog, is it for the money? is it for fun? isn't it a pain?, I didn't quite know how to answer to any of those questions, the only question I could instantly answer was the is it for the money? and my answer was certainly not! if you set out in this world looking for something that will earn you money you most certainly will not end up succeeding that way 

I write this blog as it allows me to tell my friends and family as well as individuals from all over the world my daily antics, what I do to keep myself entertained, what I deem fun as well as allowing my friendship group to expand rapidly  

I shall bring this to an end, but I just want to give one word of advice, when you start blogging you think its for fun, take a quick photo right up a quick blurb and the jobs a gooden, but don't be fooled, there are so many hours behind creating a good post, taking photo's, I mean I don't have a meal now where my camera isn't there ready and waiting, its a whole new life being documented for individuals all over the world 

You are opening your life up to those readers, but there is something quite magical about that, you will get those who don't like your post, will make horrible comments and put you down but you have to brush it off, not everyone in life can be happy and positive. But just remember blogging allows you to realise who your true friends are.... 

I would love to know what got you into blogging and why you do it?