Winter Wonderland

I just want to start with apologising for being so utterly useless with keeping everyone up to date with my blog recently, I have honestly had the craziest week of my life, however that does mean one thing.... 

Some super duper blog posts coming up over the next few days 

Surely I can't be the only person that since I was young I had wanted to go to Winter Wonderland, but for some reason or another I have never made it down to the chaos and Mayhem of Hyde Park in time 

However, things were about to change, I was so lucky to have my best friend from Home come down and visit me for a few days over the weekend, and the one thing she was so desperate to do was visit Winter Wonderland, so who am I to turn down that opportunity to her 

We threw on our winter woolies, camera in tow and ran out my front door all eager and excited to head on over, little did we know it was going to be so bloody freezing! 

We added a few more layers to our already over extensive clothing range we had chosen to wear and attempted for the second time to head outside and embrace the winter weather 

As we pulled up to Winter Wonderland we were met with thousands of people all stood in a line ready and waiting to enter the attraction, at this point I was totally ready to turn around head for a restaurant and indulge myself in copious glasses of wine, and eat a mammoth amount of food 

However I was unfortunately told to quit the winging and wait in line like everyone else by Alex, oh what I would do without her strong ways 

The line luckily didn't take long, after many cheering and oohing and ahhing we made our way in, but I do have to admit the only thing I had in mind was the waffle stand 

Who doesn't want a mean chocolate covered pile of carbs, I know I do 

So of course as soon as we went under the beautifully lit up arch my head was down and I was off, on a mission to sniff down some waffles, before long I was deeply engrossed in a truly magnificent waffle, dripping with melted milk chocolate 

Now this was a real winner so far for me, however I was most excited about using my new camera which I had purchased just a few hours before, so between sticky fingers, chocolate dripping all over my clothes and frozen hands I managed to get a few quick clicks before the remains of what was a truly exceptional waffle was gone 

After beginning to fill that empty hole in our bellies, we made our way round the attraction, slowly stopping off for a quick snap here and there, and being intrigued into what some of the little cabin like stalls were selling

There was everything you can imagine available there from Candles, Cakes, Waffles, Crepes, Sausages and Roasted Chestnuts which lucked truly divine, to kites, and beautifully designed jewellery 

To say I was snap happy was a slight understatement 

We continued to weave our way through the crowds, it some what reminded me of those festival experiences we have all had, you know the one I am on about.... your friend heads off on a mission to get to either the alcohol trailer or a specific performance and the other friend is left trailing behind, tripping up over feet and determined to figure out the best route through thousands upon thousands of other people

After a little while of taking close up photos, far away photos and every other photo you can think of we stumbled across a little shed all lit up with tables in the back, the heating was on and they were selling a good old traditional hotdog 

Who am I to turn down such a tasty offering, so we both grabbed our chosen Sausages and headed for the warm cosy tables 

Of course I couldn't resist taking a few snaps, mid snigger each time.... I am sure I will grow up one day 

We sat enjoying the ambiance of happy christmas lovers, and of course enjoying the heat, finally throwing back on our winter willies and braving the storm 

Now there were two things that were up there on my favourite attractions, one was this mean looking stand, I just could not stop laughing, I honestly really want one of these for home, but the best part was they were selling some deliciously crispy Chestnuts, roasted until perfection 

Honestly though how great is this stand, upon inspection I just could not get Ice Age out of my head, which by the way I am a real real fan 

The next attraction which I got real enjoyment from was the hot chocolate and the Egg nog stand, how delicious does this look 

The hot chocolate was hands down the best hot chocolate Alex and I have ever consumed. No nasty little bit of rich chocolate left in the bottom, not lukewarm water, but deliciously rich and consistent chocolate 

Ah I am just dribbling slightly right now

we continued weaving in and out of christmas shacks, resisting the temptation to buy any gifts on offer, as well as walk past more delicious smelling stands selling crepes and waffles 

A few stalls caught my eye such as the donut wielding one, its cruel to have doughnuts on display by the way, the temptation is to much 

We had time for a few carnival favourites such as knock all the cans off the shelf, which for future reference is a lot harder than you think! Alex and I thought we were taking home a minion each seeing we have both played Netball most our lives, but oh no! we missed by a mile 

It certainly was the walk of shame 

The evening eventually came to an end, we both felt satisfied we had eaten enough food and seen enough festive goodies to last us a year, or until next year in this case 

We grabbed a quick photo by the ginormous tree and then made a swift exit 

Honestly you must visit Winter Wonderland, my only recommendation is stay clear of going on the weekend! your best bet is visiting mid week and mid day, then it will be pleasant rather than fighting your way through hundreds of tourists